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Well, the end of the week is upon me and still no offer. I followed up with my recruiter and a couple of other contacts and it's the same all around: Hiring managers all ran off to get a head start on the three-day weekend. This puts a ding in my hope, but I will try not to let it get to me.

Amanda, who has twisted her ankle, contacted me this afternoon to let me know she wouldn't need a ride to PAX after all, which I wasn't expecting. I am not one who enjoys driving, so I rarely do it alone if I can help it (especially in the state my car is in). Luckily, I was able to find someone happy to give me a ride and I'll be there when I had hoped to.

I will meet up with Melody (Ed's ex-gf) while I'm there and we'll check out a few gamerchix-oriented discussion groups. I will probably see her there Saturday, too. I need to arrange companionship for Saturday, because I really don't want to go alone. Actually, I don't mind going alone, it's the possibility of seeing two people I really don't want to see in public together, ever.

Trying to catch up on Elite Beat Agents and I'm getting stuck on "Let's Dance" of all friggin' songs. I get about two-thirds through and choke. When I reached the point where I was about to throw my DS, I stopped. Maybe later.

I have not logged in to my NCSoft/PlayNC account for City of Heroes in so long, I can't even remember the answer to my hint question. When I wrote to support and gave them all the information I had, they wrote back and asked me for a super secret word that was in my account creation email. That would make the email about, oh, four years old -- and long gone.

Maybe I should just say sayonara to Brawler Barbie and let it be done. I will never play that game again without someone I know in there with me, and I don't know anyone who plays regularly enough anyway. Fuck, I only got into it for Garret, and with him gone there's no point. I can't even "respec" any of my players without worrying I'll make it worse. You know, I don't even notice when they update the game and it affects the powers I'm using? The forums light up with angry players, and I just sit there scratching my head like a monkey. I am not cut out for MMOs.

Grady will be here alone for most of the weekend. This rules out any 3 a.m. Guitar Hero/Rock Band tournaments I may have been interested in. I guess I'll deal with it. I don't need to be nurturing my insomnia anyway.

I should pack up my stuff for my day out. Maybe I'll do some cleaning, too. I don't know. Is any of this even interesting? I have forgotten how to interact with others at this point.
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If you can't see this little marketing gem, please click here: http://www.slipperybrick.com/2008/08/teen-girls-get-aly-aj-guitar-controllers/

Teen powerpop duo Aly & AJ have lent their names to two feminine designs for Guitar Hero wireless controllers. Looks like they'll be available in two sizes: Kid and Move Out of Mom's Basement Already.

For those of you old folks who have no idea who these two blond hotties are, a video of one of their top 40 hits is behind the cut. )


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