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Thursday, 2 February 2017 23:45
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I still get LiveJournal notifications. That's fine. I'm reluctant to go back, but all the friends I've made at LiveJournal are still there. I have at least one that refuses to create another social media account for any reason so I can count on them fading out of my life. I'm not going to make myself uncomfortable for one person, so I guess they'll miss out. Everybody has their comfort zone for these things. We all make ourselves vulnerable when we sign up for social media and we choose our platforms with that in mind.

I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Google+, Etsy, ReverbNation, that one place that was supposed to be a lot like Facebook and required an invitation to sign up and was where everybody said they were going to migrate to but didn't, and MySpace. Half of those were created to promote the band, and the rest are just easier to use than the others. Privacy... well that's only relevant if I'm posting personal or sensitive information. Not all platforms can be LiveJournal. I don't post to any of them like I did to LiveJournal (not anymore anyway).

So if you're interested in what I have to say or know me from somewhere else and I trust you with my personal thoughts, reach out. Add/grant access. At this writing I am dealing with aging (but not feeling my age), my physical and mental health, and several different kinds of friendships. I could complain about my romantic relationship but he's a saint so that means I'm pretty sure any problems we have are mine. Maybe I'll complain anyway.

This post won't be cross-posted because I don't feel like it. I don't need to reach that many strangers online, and the friends that are truly concerned will contact me some other way. I think that's fair.


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