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Despite this week's natural events and binge-drinking, I am holding steady at 194. This time last year I was probably 15-20lbs heavier than that. I got down as low as 184 in February, and in April things started to creep up on me again. That was around the time I was campaigning hard for a full-time position with my then-team while actively looking for something else and my eating habits and digestion was off. Working my summer test gig didn't help with all those free m&m's and all. At least the inconvenient location of the office combined with outrageous gas prices forced me onto my bicycle for most of that time. There's a good chance part of that weight gain was muscle.

There are many things I miss about my previous lifestyle (you know, the one where I actually had the money to entertain myself and have nice things), but the one I'm missing most these days is my gym membership. I left Gold's because the owner of the Kirkland one was a horse's ass and kept making "improvements" to the cardio area that were distracting an unnecessary. I just need a good variety of equipment that works, parking, some privacy in the locker room, and everything to be clean and well-maintained -- preferably under $400/year.

I'm unclear on my definition of "irony" here, so correct me, but it seems ironic the Gold's efforts to attract more business drove me from membership there, when the one thing I liked best about it was that it wasn't crowded, ever -- not even during resolution season (Jan-Mar).

I will wait until the resolutionists have run out of inclination to join a gym. Until then I will start counting calories and weighing myself daily again. It's the only thing that's ever worked for me aside from vigorous regular exercise (sex counts), and as I get older it's harder to make progress with exercise alone. Resuming the daily walks will also help. 30 minutes a day at the very least.

It's cliché to post about weight loss on New Year's Day, I know. However, joining a gym, dropping some pounds, and adding more activity to my life is part of a bigger picture. It's not just about how much I weigh or the shape of my body. It's about not dying of a heart attack or stroke at 45, keeping cancer at bay, and maintaining mental clarity. It's been proven that regular exercise is a natural remedy for depression, and I need that, since I have maxed out on the one antidepressant that won't pile 40lbs on my frame.

If I had to claim a resolution for 2009, it would be to worry less. Learning to let go of control and relax has always been difficult for me, and with the amount of change coming over the horizon I will need to develop that skill quickly.


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