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For a couple of days there I didn't think of anything. I asked for some space so I could, and didn't. I just dinked around, obsessing over the heat, wishing I had the kind of income that would allow me to upgrade my central heat with some much-desired A/C. The thoughts I was supposed to think just weren't all there. I would toss them around in my head with no real direction.

Today I found myself thinking a little more about it than usual. Maybe it's just because I happened to be in the Safeway when the sound system was playing that song by The Cure. Or because I have been bored enough to sit in front of the internet nonstop and watch everyone else's life go by. It's a little depressing -- I know that the people who aren't posting are out there living life, and the ones that are have a nifty gadget that allows them to live life and be on the internet at the same time.

What I'm thinking about isn't an either/or or a yes/no. For some reason I thought it was. It's more specific than that. I realized that yesterday.

There's one thing I have to do first. I only wish I had the resources to do it.

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Thursday, 4 June 2009 12:55
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I colored my hair last night with Ken's help. I've had the supplies for a couple of weeks now and was too chickenshit to follow through. It turned out pretty good. I probably could have left it on five more minutes, though. It still looks like I have roots, but at least the roots are cherry red and not soccer mom brown.

Grady is back from the vet. He was uncharacteristically quiet on the way there and on the way back. They gave him fluids and Pepcid, and will do some bloodwork. I'm out $133. That's without an x-ray. The vet was a good sport about Grady's shitty attitude, and remembered him from our last visit there. He has lost half a pound, but is still overweight.

I do not like PayPal.

I really want to make macaroni and cheese, but it will heat up the house like nobody's business. I'll have to wait until the sun goes down to do this. Damn.

The roasted garlic I made is almost gone. Here's some TMI for you: My bathroom smells like garlic. That's how much garlic was made and consumed in this house over the last 48 hours. We will be vampire-free for a month, guaranteed. I thought for sure the hair dye smell would overwhelm it, but no.

While I feel so much better now that the whateveritis is mostly out of my system, my voice is not up to par. I am having trouble staying on key and I still feel like I have fluid in my throat, making me cough randomly. I hope I'm back to normal by Sunday. As an added bonus, it looks like Ken has caught the whateveritis that knocked me out this week. I hope he doesn't suffer as much as I did. More garlic is in order.

It looks like we've booked another show this month. I can't tell you when or where without risking the crowd numbers for Sunday's Skylark show (because we really really really need people to show up there -- attendance == $$ == a completed album of Just My Stuff), but I will tell you it's soon, it's in a great little place with great food, and it will be easy to get to for all the people out there who complained about where we'd been booked for other shows. If we're lucky, this new show will come with its own draw, and we'll have plenty of audience.

Early this morning I got up to let some cool morning air into the house. This has worked for the last couple of summers, but this year it's a little challenging. To keep Grady out of his room, Ethan keeps the door closed (he's allergic), so that air flow is lost. We'll figure out something. So far I've been able to keep it below 80 inside, even though it doesn't really feel like it's 75-78 inside. Whatever the real temperature is, it's still much cooler than what's going on outside. I have my suspicions regarding this thermostat anyway. It went nuts after Garret moved out and I've been struggling with it ever since.

OMG DID YOU SEE L&O:SVU THIS WEEK? HOLY CRAP! I just caught it on TiVo, and man, I was on the edge of my seat...

That's about it.
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In the year 2000, I had just begun my relationship with Garret. In the course of two weeks I started a new job, attended a family reunion, and had my 19-year-old sister join me in my one-bedroom apartment. It was a little crazy.

I promised my sister I would not bring up anything about the month she stayed with me to her, mainly because it was a difficult time and I was stressed out by her visit. I wrote a lot of things on my then-blog, wynnec.com, vented with Garret, and butted heads with her. Not that it helped much, but in an effort to set a good example of not dwelling in the past I told her I didn't want to discuss it anymore because there wasn't a damn thing either of us could do to change what had happened. All we could do was move on.

Ken was getting acquainted with my art supply cabinet recently and found one of my old sketchbooks. It had a lot of old sketches in it that I had forgotten about. A lot of them were of Garret, back when I was all memegoo over him. Some were of Teamun in all his turtley goodness. I think there were some character sketches for a comic I wanted to do in there, too, but I digress...

Behind the cut is a strip I did of a daily occurrence in my apartment while my sister stayed with me. )

Three for three

Tuesday, 26 May 2009 14:36
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For the third week in a row I am sick.

Two weeks ago I came down with something that took all my energy and strength, so I slept more than I normally do and felt better after a couple of days.

Last week I ate something that caused me serious stomach distress. I was unable to eat non-simple foods without consequence for days as my digestive tract recovered.

Now that I'm able to eat real food in small quantities I have caught yet another bug, this one giving me an uncomfortable fever, headache, and weakness. I also have a "glass throat" thing going on, and my nose is running a little bit.

Who am I? Job? Sheesh!

I am hoping this is the last of it, and whatever it is that is the root of all these illnesses resolves itself. It was such a beautiful weekend I couldn't stay indoors, but I was in no shape to do a lot of socializing. We attended a game night BBQ on Friday and a gathering with Ken's friends on Sunday, but that was all I could really take. I was exhausted most of the time and worried that my stomach wouldn't be able to handle the variety offered. I keep forgetting I'm not the norm when it comes to certain foods.

For the next three days I am going to lay low, keep quiet, and hope I can get back to a calm place where I can get some things done here at home. I panic way too easily these days. Quiet and peace are the only way I can prepare myself for the next wave of activity.
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Do you have a ladder and a broom so I can remove moss from your roof this weekend?

has got to be THE sexiest thing any man has EVER said to me.


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