Monday, 25 August 2008 13:36
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Turned in my Sims PS2 and GameCube games for credit because I played them once and never did again. The camera on both was migraine-inducing. Gotta give Garret credit for trying. He wanted to share his hobby with me in a language I could understand, but it just didn't work out for the long term.

With the credit and the existing credit I had with the store I was going to get Guitar Hero: On Tour. It was $50! Most expensive DS game, ever. I could have sworn that when it first came out it was $30 -- and it probably was until Harmonix realized how much money they were losing with a $30 suggested retail. Instead, I got Elite Beat Agents and Crosswords DS. Elite Beat Agents is a DS-den game at PAX, and I want to take advantage of that this year. If only it was on Saturday instead of late Sunday.

I have $200 from the company picnic gig I did earlier this month. Money!

Interview tomorrow. I hope it goes well, and I am interesting enough to hire, or at least bring in for a second round. The last interview went well, but I needed more experience. I need to go over my CV and rehearse all the cool things I've done so I don't keep going back to the same story over and over. I get nervous and that's all I can think of.

Today... is today. I will try to go outside today. I need the activity.
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The first time I encountered the Grim Reaper I was incredulous. How dare he! I still had two teenagers at home and was awaiting the birth of my second grandchild -- I couldn't leave NOW. I weakly attempted to wrestle the near-empty hourglass from the bony fingers holding it in front of me. This can't be happening... I... I... HEY -- where are my hula girls? I'm not supposed to die in mediocrity -- noooooooooooo

...and then I woke up.

It's closer to the truth to say I quit my game without saving. SimWynne's biggest aspiration at the time was the impending grandbaby, and getting that done was imperative to having enough aspiration points to die well. It took way too long, and I had to enter a different lot to do it, but it happened. SimWynne Blau is survived by three sons, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters, who all benefited greatly from her demise. She is interred at the family cemetery, 76 Sim Lane.

The house remains the property of Alfred and Henry Blau, who continue to nurture their mother's love of animals by becoming Crazy Cat Ladies. Way to misread senility, boys.


Saturday, 16 August 2008 01:25
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After rekindling my interest in The Sims 2, I decided to download a few things and fire it up. First thing I noticed is that I still have a simJennifer in my game. Huh. Not content to merely delete her and her house, I decided a Mysterious Pool Accident was in order. Normally I'm not one to take pleasure in torturing or killing Sims, but in this case I took pictures! The Grim Reaper hovered over the pool and shook his head over the senselessness of it all, then the game scolded me for abusing "a LIFE simulator." Fuck that -- she's simDead, and I'm simHappy. Pictures will come later.

With that lot gone, I wandered over to the Blau lot where simWynne was living with her two younger sons. The boys' challenge was keeping them entertained, but simWynne was another story. I knew her days were numbered and wanted her to have a happy death, but all her aspirations were to add kittens and puppies to the household! What the hell?! By the time an aspiration for a grandchild popped up it was too late. The Grim Reaper appeared, she tried to resist, and all her boys and the cat gathered to mourn her. Crap.

During the death process you can't do anything but pause the game. You can't exit, you can't save, all you can do is watch. Luckily, once simWynne was dead I exited without saving, so she's still "alive." Next time around, I'm going to fill that damn house with puppies and kittens, dammit. She deserves as nice a death as simGarret. That fucker did nothing but go to work and drink coffee, and when he died, HULA GIRLS appeared.

I deserve no less.


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