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Tuesday, 8 May 2012 20:52
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I don't blog as often as I used to. Heck, if you wander around LiveJournal for a while you'll see there are a lot of accounts that haven't been updated in months -- that includes personal and community accounts. I couldn't tell you how many of those were still active on a private or friends-only level.

My last public post was in December when album #2 came out. Everything else has been under lock and key for very good reason. Without revealing too much I'll tell you this: I went through a pretty dark time this Winter. It wasn't until my birthday in March that I actually took the first step in doing something about it.

The band still practices once a week. We've been adding some covers to our songbook so we can play longer sets and maybe a few parties or corporate events. As far as new songs go there have been only a few that I think are worth recording, but I am my own worst critic in that department. Ron went through our rehearsal archives and found another album in there somewhere. To be honest I haven't had much I've wanted to write about. I am blocked by the inability to truly express myself without repercussion and a dullness in my imagination for songs that are more entertainment than art.

I still live in the house I bought with my ex back in '05. Now that I'm in a position to refinance my horrendous mortgage I'm finding myself dreaming at night of other, more interesting and charming places to live. The ex's needs chose this house. With him gone it's kinda dumb for me to stay here if it's going to make me go broke. We'll see what the refi terms are -- being able to make a few changes could make a difference.

Martha is not Grady. She does not snuggle and is afraid of nothing. She will, however, lie on the floor with her paws up so you can rub her belly. I really wish I knew what she was trying to tell me, though, because she never shuts up. I feel like if only we could get past that communication thing we'd be golden.

My hair is getting really long. It's still candy-apple red, but these days I have more pink at the temples. Once in a while the roots get long enough I can make out my natural color. Still too much silver, so I color everything red again.

I roll in waves. Some weeks I'm very content and others I just want to go on a long drive alone somewhere. My life is not horrible. There are people I miss and hope to see again. There are songs I need to write. Until then, I am still posting entries here under lockdown where the search engines won't bother them much.

If you have a blog or another web presence I should know about please tell me where to find it in the comments. Everything is screened since I have no idea who actually checks here outside of LJ anymore.

Martha speaks

Monday, 3 October 2011 18:38
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This morning I was getting ready for work and could have sworn I smelled something. I think it was Martha's butt, because I found no doodies anywhere and the smell went away as quickly as it arrived. If she is a farty cat I guess I'll deal with it. She hasn't been much of a lap cat, really. Farty lap cats aren't my ideal companion...


I didn't smell anything else, either. Instead I caught something shiny in the corner of my eye and realized it was a pool of liquid sitting in the bottom of the kitty astroturf under her litterbox...


Yup, pee.


I kinda flipped out a little.  Grady never did that!  I angrily told Martha that I wasn't going to have any of that, and if this was about being left alone all day or my unwillingness to pet her constantly as she eats then I'm sorry, there isn't much I can do about that right now! After cleaning up what I could I stood back and waited, paranoid she'd do it again. Then a strange thing happened.


Martha walked up to her litterbox and stopped.  She looked at me to make sure I was watching and then approached it from the side with the most of the mat to cross.  Step, step... then a hasty backtrack.  She then got in from the other side where there is a bit of carpet remnant to walk on, did her business, and leaped from the box to the carpet when she was done.  She sat in front of me, waiting.  We stared at each other.


"Well?" she asked cautiously.  Okay, I think I got it.


She is a smart cookie.  Weird, but smart.  I bought a shaggy replacement rug on the way home. So far it has been deemed acceptable.

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I have determined that whatever is causing my sore throat is INSIDE this house. I don't know what it is or how I can pinpoint it, I just know that my throat is sore to the point where singing is difficult and I often have a dry cough. In addition to that I am also suffering from super-dry sinuses and my eyes are intermittently on fire. This overall pain and discomfort is very frustrating because I know my dad would like to hear from me and I also have a gig on Sunday afternoon to sing for. I can't have long conversations with a glass throat.

All this started to escalate after PAX, which is also when temperatures broke 80 here. Now that it's rainy and in the 60s I thought for sure it would calm down. Noop.

It's not Martha, either. I was having this problem before she came to live with us and it hasn't become worse by being near her. Is it a moisture thing? I'm worried that if I turn on my humidifier and I'm wrong it could make everything worse. I have a huge fear that my crawlspace, which I have not ventured into for a Very Long Time, is a biosphere all its own and has finally outgrown the space beneath my house to infect me with its alien micro-organisms.

Speaking of Martha, she is painfully adorable. She is also painfully codependent and follows me everywhere, chirping at me in her squeaky little meao. I am concerned I will end up with two cats anyway, which will upset me, but I don't want to traumatize an animal with endless hours of loneliness she doesn't want.

So far we haven't really established a Grady-esque rapport. The only things that really come through are LOVE ME and WATCH ME EAT. We'll get there, I'm sure.

I pulled a white corset out of the dark corners of my closet and decided I was going to fuck with it. Why not, right? I spent $40 on it for my wedding back in '02 and have worn it maybe once since. At first I considered spray painting it red and doing the WW motif, but that's way too predictable. Instead I ripped off the tacky lacy trim and am painting it a lovely royal blue. Maybe I'll add some new trim if I have something worthwhile here in the house, but for now it's drying in the garage.

My new washing machine arrived this week and will take some getting used to. Instead of standard washing machine noises this one sounds like it's heaving during the wash cycle. I honestly thought for a moment that it was going to vomit my clothes all over the interior of my laundry room. That would have been terrifying.

I've been thinking about my former in-laws a lot lately. I put away Nate & Karen's wedding party photo a long time ago, but the last family picture they sent me is still up on my wall along with photos of other family members I don't get to see very often or at all. I'm pretty sure a lot has changed since the last time we heard from each other. The more time that passes the more awkward it seems to reach out and say hello, but life goes on. I don't want to make things uncomfortable for the Blues. Despite my ex's past behavior, I still love them and want them to be peaceful and happy.

Has anyone using Netflix seen The Hard Times of RJ Berger? I finished season 1 and loved it. Season 2 isn't available for streaming, which sucks, but I'm digging it. Word to the wise: I like strange television. My recommendations are not solid.
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Two things about Martha: She likes catnip a LOT, and she is totally freaked out by Teamun.

I didn't sleep much last night because it was cold, I had a new cat in the house and didn't want anything to be destroyed while I slept, and I'm kinda still fighting allergies. The allergies aren't necessarily the cat -- I was dealing with an odd sinus reaction every time I came into the office to work on internet business. It makes me think I am an utter failure at keeping my house clean.

Martha did okay for her first night. Ken told me that she was asleep at my feet when he got up this morning. Because of my restless night I slept in a bit, but was yanked out of that by a loud crash somewhere in the house. I jumped out of bed and zipped around the house -- "kitty? kitty? are you okay? kitty? KITTY?!" -- and found nothing out of the ordinary. In the master bedroom (now referred to as the "man cave") I saw a little round cat face peeking up from behind a box with the widest Oh Shit eyes I've ever seen. We stared at each other for a minute. One minute turned into two. I did that squinty-eyes thing that is supposed to let your cat know things are, you know, cool. She and I made peace after a few minutes. We're still feeling each other out.

She is now under the bed. If I go peek in at her she will purr and rub her face on my shoes, but will not come out. That will come in time.

In the meantime I have yet another car issue. We got home from the adoption and discovered I was hemorrhaging coolant. Nothing on my dashboard clued me in on this, so it must have started very close to home. The floor of my garage is covered in cat litter now. Unless the radiator has given up the ghost it should be an inexpensive fix (knock on wood). Yeah, it's inconvenient, but I'd rather have a repair that can wait than a car payment that can't. I have a feeling that maxing out my A/C to keep Martha comfortable on the way home might have contributed to the issue (I rarely use my A/C because I think it will tax my engine. Go figure).

I woke up with another sore throat this morning. This is from opening all the windows to cool off the house before the temperatures make it an oven, and the marine layer in the morning air. I hate these morning-induced sore throats, especially on days I know we'll need to rehearse, because there's a 50% chance they'll lead to a cold or flu. No iced drinks for me today. It's all about the hot stuff. Gotta calm the pipes and flush out any cooties if I'm going to make it through the week.

By the by, our next show is at DennyFest on Sunday, September 18, held at O. O. Denny Park in Juanita. Free, all-ages, dog friendly fun. I don't know when we go on, but the event runs from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. When I have more details I'll post them online.
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I found a cat to keep me company. Her name is Martha and she looks a lot like Grady except for her emerald green eyes and a thin patch of white fur on her belly. She's not nearly as talkative, though. We still haven't moved beyond knowing glances and the occasional squeak. She does like catnip.

She's been at the house for a couple of hours now and I think it will be time to let her explore the rest of the house soon. So far, so good.


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