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Hi everyone, I'm not dead - I'm just not writing a lot of public posts on LiveJournal. Most of my online presence is limited to private and other security-managed social media when it comes to my personal life, something I learned long ago was necessary in order to keep assholes from doing random judgey drivebys online.

Also, it's not easy to make a joke online either. There's always that one person who will drop me a private message asking "what the heck does THAT mean?" because they think I'm talking about them. If I am, well, get over it. Chances are I'm not. I do like to inject humor when communicating online or with my face. Humor is not one size fits all on the internet.

So, if you want to know what I'm doing these days and you're not part of my LiveJournal circle of friends, here are a few places you can go to see what I'm up to*.

Wordpress for crafting
Wordpress for band stuff
ReverbNation (sign up for my mailing list here!)
Facebook for my friends (occasionally with public posts)
Facebook for band stuff

*I don't accept all friend requests sent to me, just those from people I know or have met. Lurking is fine. Stalking is not. Lurk Moar.

I've found in my 20+ years on the internet that I don't say nearly as much as I used to. I also don't get as much personal email anymore. The information superhighway is a very different place these days and continues to evolve. If you really want to contact me you'll be able to find me. I'm a long ways away from removing myself from the grid altogether.

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It was a low-key night where I didn't do any clay work, sketch books came out, and there was some Mardi Gras maskmaking in the house. I wasted a chunk of time wrestling with iTunes (it won't let me add new music for some reason) but ended up making people come to my computer to listen to songs instead. Preview of WCBnext, anyone?

ECCC inspired me to buy some paint pens. I had no idea where to start and don't really own a pencil set anymore. I ended up skipping the pencil and going straight for the paint. Oh, if only the red pen had worked better... it turned out okay anyway.


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I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Wonder Woman is returning to the small screen. All the writers in the world could not come up with a decent enough script that gave her a story worth of the silver screen, and that sucks. The only good side of that sad truth is now we don't have to worry about a shitload of drooling basement-dwellers harping about Megan Fox playing the lead. You wanna see Megan Fox do something brilliant? Jennifer's Body. That's pretty much it. She's young, she'll grow as an actor. She is NOT Wonder Woman, though.

All right, enough of that. The point of this post is Wonder Woman on television.

So far the entire thing seems like a joke. David E Kelley, the mind behind Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, is penning the new show with a comedic bend I'm not that thrilled to read about. Full Disclosure: I couldn't get excited about Ally McBeal, mainly because I hated the main character and couldn't identify with her. What if he makes my favorite heroine into someone I hate? My childhood memories would become an embarrassment and I would be devastated. Overboard? Probably. I love WW that much.

Still, it's David E Kelley. He did L.A. Law. He created Doogie Howser, M.D.. I really want it to be likable, and I really want to like it. This brings me to what is really on my mind: The theme song. I want to be a part of this so bad I don't know what to do with myself.


Katy Perry?! Noooooooooo! I already have a perfectly good Wonder Woman theme song, and it's in production RIGHT NOW! I don't have to perform this song if there's a bigger name available to do it -- Katy herself can step right up, and so can P!nk, or even Lady Gaga (who would probably write a cool one herself, who knows) -- but I want MY song to be what people have in their heads after they watch the show. I want MY song to have parodies and YouTube videos with nerds in cosplay and fake blood. Me me me!

Thing is, I have no idea where I can post this song online so the song can get out there. If nobody ever sees me, my candy-red hair, or my fat ass, I'm totally fine. But the song is mine, I wrote and arranged it, and I want it to be considered no matter who ends up singing the final track. I also want to get paid for it. Where do I put it? I'm scrambling here and too worked up to give it decent thought.

If you came to our December 21 show with Blackheart Honeymoon and Pocket Panda you heard "Woman Wonder." If you came to Oddfellows Grill last month you heard an acoustic version of it. I have been harping on recording this song for weeks and we're finally in the studio cleaning up tracks.

I need to get the track and the word out, NOW. Help is appreciated, because I'm too excited to be decently productive about it.
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I really need a new digital camera. Maybe not NEWnew, but new enough to me. My favorite camera got all moody on me a while back and I've been using someone else's. It's great, but not always available when I have the time and inclination to get pictures taken. I still have a few more items to photograph.

Craft night tonight, with a possibility of new faces joining me. Will they clay with me or bring something with them? Hard to tell. It should be a fun evening.

The little Flash promo under the cut )

Great googly-moogly

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 10:43
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I Google'd myself today. The first two pages are all music stuff. Anything else doesn't even show up until the last entry on the second page, and that's just a "hey, do you want to know more about %search entry% here? - sign up today!" link.

I guess that's a good thing. At least I'd like to think so.
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I ordered my eyeglasses on Saturday. My current benefits end at the end of this month, so I am taking full advantage of them. It's about time -- I've been with this agency through three contracts and paid for benefits without using them until now, so I don't feel the least bit guilty about the optical and dental appointments I've made now that I have the time for them.

The glasses themselves, well, I was told to go to Costco ("they have the best prices!") but they don't accept insurance. I was given a few places, really, but settled on LensCrafters. They take insurance and have a slightly larger selection of frames. I picked the most flattering nerd-glasses I could find and called it good. All in all, I paid about $150. I hear that's decent.

The only sucky thing is that I have to wait ten days for them to be finished. At this point in time my eyes are so beaten up from the poor hardware at my last job that I can barely look at a screen for more than an hour at a time. This includes television screens, computer screens, DS screens, movie screens... they all create problems, and the $20 readers you get at the drugstore aren't weak enough for the adjustment I need. I will do what I can online in one-hour increments and keep my fingers crossed that the glasses get finished early.

+ + + + + + +

In other news, my car is almost inoperable. The brakes chirp because I need new ones, and recently my engine has begun threatening to overheat unless I turn the heater on full blast. The brakes issue is the easy part. The engine temp is a tougher one to figure out -- the radiator is full and there are no leaks to be found. All the automobile knowledge in my head is no help, and until my next job I am unable to take it to a shop.

Not being able to drive is not new. A couple of summers ago I rode my bike almost everywhere and saved a fortune in gas (it was about $4/gallon then). The new challenge is figuring out how to pay for the bus to get me to the major areas where biking the entire way isn't practical. ORCA cards aren't nearly as much of a money saver as good old bus passes were.

+ + + + + + +

I was denied mortgage assistance because I could not "provide enough evidence of financial hardship." In other words, because I had $200 left over after my monthly expenses and had not missed a mortgage payment even when un- and under-employed, I'm ineligible. This sucks. I pretty much destroyed my credit for no reason by applying for assistance at all, and now I have nothing to show for it. I feel I'm justified in being angry about this. I worked very hard and made a lot of sacrifices to stay current in my payments -- this is my reward for being an honest citizen and trying to do the right thing. I shouldn't have to commit fraud to get the help I need.

+ + + + + + +

Those glasses can't get here soon enough. Seriously, they can't. I'm dividing my time between catching up on housework, taking care of band business, and job-hunting, and two of those things will require use of my eyes at 100% capacity.

The good news is that I know I will find something a lot sooner than I did the last time I was job hunting, and it will pay enough for me to catch up with everything I fell behind in during my last job.

If any of you local job-hunters find something that looks like a good fit and ISN'T at Microsoft (I'm not eligible to work there again until late August at the earliest), please feel free to send it my way.
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I like reconnecting with the people I'd lost track of over the years. Seeing how some of my classmates' lives turned out was interesting and in some cases amusing.

Less than a month ago I reached 200 friends there. I know all of them to some degree. The only exceptions would be my mother's college friend, who misses her as much as I do, and a couple of venues who created standard instead of business accounts for some reason. I do my fair share of ignoring, and have filtered my news feed of all the religious and political posters for all that's worth. Facebook will happily filter your news feed for you of the people you actually want to read at random. They have a nice little setting that will let you think you control it -- isn't that nice of them?

Lately several things have made me rethink my participation on Facebook. The first one is that my friend list is way too big. The second one is the recent announcement that all those privacy settings will soon become meaningless as Zuckerburg sells your information to advertisers. The third one has been getting under my skin for a while now, and is largely due to the growing friend list: Politics and religion.

At first I wasn't bugged too much. Some people are just really into Jesus, and I don't have a problem with that. Ignore, ignore, ignore. The "93% of my friends list won't repost this!" status updates I brushed off until a LOT of people were doing it. I started to feel harassed by it. More ignoring. When the political things started popping up I fought the urge to join in. Some of those groups were fine by me, but then over half my news feed started joining groups that contrasted sharply, and others got outright combative about them. One of my right-wing friends deleted his account, only to return a few weeks later with a whole new one under a modified name. His political views? "Hope you like your Oboma [sic] now." He deleted this new profile a little over a week ago. This is probably good.

I'd rather not deal with this. I keep my politics, religion, and personal details as far from the public eye as possible for a very good reason -- I have records to sell and shows to book. There are times I am looking for work, and the internet has become a major research tool for prospective employers. Why stir up shit for the sake of argument? Isn't that what politicians get paid for? Or lawyers? Anybody but me.

I'll keep my Facebook account alive for the sake of band promotion and those individuals that can only be reached there, but I'm backing off. Let's see if I can stay off FB for the month of May.
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I got tired of randomly having the sound on my LG enV3 go off when I thought it was turned off (it was) that I returned to my original enV. Better volume control, but I sacrificed the better camera and built-in editing app. I think I'll live. The enV3 had two volumes, loud and off, and off was unpredictable.

Right now I'm at the Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland watching my friend Fae Wiedenhoeft perform. She'll play until 9 if you want to stop by. If not for the music, do it for the chocolate rum balls - they're quite decadent.

I only wish I could provide a better picture.

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I had almond m&m's for dinner after staying late at work and missing two buses home.

Word to the wise: Just get a new damn PC. Upgrading from Vista to 7 will fuck up all your existing shit. I was kept at work for over an hour making up for a failed Mail Merge that worked prior to my upgrade to 7, and had to copy/paste customized content for 34 new email messages that would normally take five minutes.

I *deserved* those almond m&m's, dammit.
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I told him I barely remember him, but Jerry seems to think I was his girlfriend. If he thinks this, all the apologies in the world won't atone for me saying "sorry, I don't really remember you that well." Well, I remember him vaguely at best. We were kids in a place I would rather forget altogether.

In other news, my ex and his co-conspirator are now both on Facebook. I would never have known if a) Facebook had not suggested one of them to me, and b) someone in my circle of friends hadn't friended Garret. As a result, I really don't want to do too much there anymore. I thought I was ready to make some kind of peace in the form of a phone call or something, but now I'm not so sure.

The divorce... I really don't know what is going on there. I asked nicely if he'd take care of it like he was supposed to to begin with, and he said he was already on it. I haven't heard from him since -- so much for that. No court record in our state has our names on it except the original petition. Believe me, I'm as confused and frustrated over this situation as anyone else. I have done my homework and have found my hands tied.

In more pleasant news, I got paid. Now it is time to get my damn certifications and get on with it.
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In 1985 (I'm guessing here, but I know these events were in the year before I left Alabama in 1986) I hung out with some shady characters. It was a small town and there wasn't much to do aside from cruising up and down the mile-and-a-half stretch of road down the center of town known as "Main Street" and hang out at the Jr. Food Mart to play pinball.

I briefly dated an homely but sweet guy named Charlie. Charlie was a loser-with-a-heart-of-gold type, always in trouble with the teacher and smoking weed. It was Charlie and his sister that took me to see ZZ Top in Birmingham that year. There was so much pot smoke in that arena that when he asked me what time it was I ended up pouring my drink in his lap as I showed him my watch. As much as we liked each other it just wasn't going to work, so we parted ways.

A month or so later I was at the Jr. Food Mart and met Jerry. Jerry and Charlie were friends. Jerry was the loser-redneck type, but hardly had a heart of gold. He was charming, smoked cigarettes and rode a motorcycle. He also pressured me for sex, which was something I wasn't about to do. "But Charlie said you did it with him!" This was a lie. Whose lie it was I may never know, but I gave him the 1985 equivalent of "oh HALE naw" and ended it. He hung around a bit trying to get back in good favor with me, gave me a necklace, things like that, but I was done. He had crossed the line by assuming I was a whore.

Shortly after this I left Alabama to live with my Dad in Washington, and Jerry was barely a blip in my memory. It was a short-lived romance anyway. No feelings involved, just a motorcycle and small-town adolescent stupidity.

Twenty years later he found me on Classmates.com. I never saw the message he sent because the site is a scam and I wasn't curious enough to pursue it. Now it's twenty-FIVE years later -- guess where he found me? Where everyone else from that era of my life did: FaceBook. I got an email and a friend request. The email says "I have something I want to tell you -- don't worry, it's a good thing." The friend request says "I would love to chat with you." Maybe it's harmless, but I am squicked out.

Part of me does not want to encourage this guy after his treatment of me when we were teenagers. The other part knows how much people can change over 25 years.

What would YOU do?

Some days...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009 14:48
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...I just sing a pointless phrase to myself over and over to keep my brain occupied and amuse myself. The most recent phrase? "Big ol' butt, big ol' butt, big ol' butt, big ol' big ol' butt-butt."

Yeah, I am a grown-up. I also have a college degree and don't do drugs. much. lately.

I'm burning out on Facebook. The only things I like to do are Vampire Wars and Bejeweled Blitz, and one is becoming too hard while the other is becoming too easy. I also get tired of the insta-response to my status updates by phone or text. I'm trying to start a dialog here, just comment on the status and join the fray -- I promise, whatever I wrote is NOT a cry for help.

The wind picked up last night enough to make the power at my house flicker a bit. My computer was on at the time, and I lost a bunch of PhotoShop work I was going to upload to Etsy today.

Grady has a Twitter account now. So far he's not terribly interesting. I think his tweets are deceptively intelligent for how big a doof he is: twitter.com/gradybrownblue
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It's worth $700. No. Shit.

Best damn mouse I ever owned.


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I think I may have just put the last dressing on Grady's neck.

This is good, because I am all out of gauze now. He's been scratching at it, and (unfortunately) getting his tongue and teeth caught in it as he eagerly makes up for lost bathtime in certain places. Getting his mouth caught on the dressing is not fun. He makes this Quazimodo noise that's scary as hell, so I've kept the cone on as much as possible.

Tonight, though, I looked at the wound and it's healing up rather well. If he hadn't torn it open earlier it would be over and done with sooner. I'm going to put the cone on him tonight, and if it looks good in the morning I'll let him go naked tomorrow. He should love that.

I am looking forward to getting back to my daily walks to and from the bus to work. The activity will do me good, and I really need to burn some of this crap off my body. I already bought a new pair of pants because of it. I did not enjoy that AT ALL. Least favorite shopping trip, ever. However, it was either that or change into Crazy Cat Lady sweats every day when I get home. Pants that don't fit are a constant reminder of the Feline 15 I just put on.

In other news, I have begun to receive comment notifications in my LJ Messages in addition to email. I went to my account info and am unable to un-select this new option. I can either get notices in email AND within LJ, or not at all. Huh. That is incredibly irritating. I blame the Russians.
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As some of you know, I've had some virus/performance issues with my computer recently. Norton got rid of a lot of it, but another one got through somehow and slowed me down (Norton fixed it in safe mode). This is somehow related, but I'm not sure how.

Now I can't disable my network connection without my computer freezing. I double-click that network icon in the task bar, click the 'Disable' button in the Properties dialog that appears, and five seconds later the screen freezes. I have not waited around for it to catch up, but it at least stays frozen for the duration it takes me to let loose a string of expletives and adjust my chair so I can reach the power button on the tower.

I *need* to disable my network now and then. I'd rather not just unplug the router in the other room.

Paying for it

Sunday, 9 August 2009 00:36
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My eTrust antivirus is no longer supported by CA, and I am in the market for a new program to protect me from all the riffraff. I need the standard antivirus protection and a firewall -- malware is covered by an app I downloaded recently that I really like.

I am considering returning to CA for this, but feel it may be overkill since all I really need is the antivirus and firewall right now.

Suggestions are welcome. Remember: I want to pay for this.

What the...?

Sunday, 2 August 2009 21:06
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Something happened at some point over this weekend that has made my popup blockers useless. I will get random popups at random times from companies unrelated to whatever is on my screen. There's a very good chance that Facebook is the culprit. There was a quiz that didn't work properly on there, and when I navigated away from it that's when my problems began. As a result, I can't see my Facebook home page either, nor can I update my status there.

This irritates me to no end. Plus, it's still too hot to think straight. AND I just want Facebook to work and the popups to stop.

Recommendations for a free popup blocker, registry scanner, or virus protection that won't expire in 30 days are needed. I am running eTrust AntiVirus and have also run Search & Destroy, but neither have made a change in my situation.
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Today's second wave of layoffs over at MS will make the job search a little harder. Not that I'm not used to it by now. My life as a musician isn't bad, it's just severely lacking in funds. I don't know what I'd do if Ethan wasn't here.

Today all the fired people will flood the job hunter market immediately. For the next six weeks, applying to any MS job through their website will be pointless as those who remain place an unofficial priority on their former employees to fill those open positions. It's the law they have to post the job publicly, but they don't have to look at your resume. After six weeks the employees whose positions were eliminated will have run out of time to find new ones, and they will be removed from the payroll. Maybe then I'll have a chance.

It's unfair, but then again getting into MS as a full-time employee hasn't ever been a cake walk. The only place harder to get on the payroll for is probably Google, and that's only because Larry & Sergei want so badly to "not be evil" that they became "total assholes" about screening applicants. I did wonders for that company, but their prerequisites overlooked the person and focused on what I was missing in my past. It's not my resume, y'all. My resume, accomplishments, and references are solid, and my experience provocative -- I'm a Rock Star in every sense of the term -- but you can't hire someone based on a piece of paper. Sometimes I think hiring managers forget that.

My heart goes out to all that lost their jobs today. My only advice is to find something you love to do and throw yourself into it. If it makes money, that's even better.

That, and network, network, network...


Tuesday, 31 March 2009 20:34
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Looks like I may lose a day of job hunting due to this virus. I'll be on Twitter, though.

Man, talk about your test... I may turn on my computer if the news says it's okay.
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I'm making this public because there's nothing in what I'm about to say that needs hiding. As someone directly affected by the entire situation I feel I am entitled to voice an opinion, and would hope that a hiring manager motivated to investigate my blog would understand my position and respect it. Nothing in this entry is illegal. All figures stated are either mine to share or a speculation.

Recent events that began with a mass firing/layoff at Microsoft have finally reached contract staffing. Microsoft's mandate to reduce billing rates is being passed directly to the contractor by almost every agency that provides such staff to them. I was told earlier today that this manifests as a $10/hour pay cut for people in my line of work with my level of experience. I was appalled. I expected to take a hit, but not such a big one.

Let's do the math here. )

Emotions run high on this issue. )

I worked long and hard to reach the amount of pay I get now. )

Everyone I know is affected by this situation. )

In the meantime I will wait and see how this whole pay cut thing works out. With the amount of press it's getting, it may fix itself.