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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 13:30
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It's been a while since I talked about my weight management/fitness. Like most people I am on a perpetual mission to reduce my mass to a sylph-like composition of muscle and bone, and like most people I'm not terribly good at it.

Recap: A little over a year ago I was enjoying myself at a clean 190lbs. This was the lightest I'd been in years, and can be attributed to not having a lot to eat, walking and biking everywhere, and maintaining a regular (and low-stress) schedule. I started a new relationship, joined a gym, and started to change shape a bit. During this time I didn't bother looking at the scale (because they're deceptive if you're putting on muscle). My intake changed when my income and personal drama changed, and last week I weighed in at 215. I haven't been 215 since I was married. Naturally, this is upsetting.

A lot of people will look at me in disbelief when I tell them how much I weigh, but to me, this is what 215lbs looks like. I look at other people my size and I think they weigh more than they really do. Maybe they're just being nice, but at a size 16US, I feel like a cow -- it doesn't matter if my biceps or lats are impressive. They still don't fit into a size 12 dress.

How do I know 215 is an unhealthy number for me? It has a lot to do with what I can and can't do for exercise. One of the things I enjoyed after I got below 200 is running, followed by dancing, and other moderate-impact sports. If I tried that today I would feel it in my back, knees, and ankles, and it sucks. However...

As I was bent over drying my hair today I looked down and noticed my awesome quads, and how they add a great shape to my legs. Those are the rewards.

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In a nutshell, I put on some weight. Much of it was probably muscle, but since I've been eating recklessly it could also be blubber. My back hurts, I love my Wii, and 1986 was not a great year for exercise videos.

Now back to the job hunt. Things are looking good out there.

My ass.

Sunday, 1 April 2007 20:24
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What about it? Oh, it's getting smaller. That's new. I've had this ghetto booty for so long you'd think I'd be happy to be rid of it, really. Instead I'm a little distressed. How dare it wait this long to finally shink?! Seriously!!

On the advice of a trainer at my gym I've been pushing the cardio harder. When I got back from Steamboat I did a week of 70-75% MHR and then did my best to advance to 80%. It's harder than it seems. I can get my heart rate up there without a problem, it's keeping it from climbing further that's proving the challenge. I'm also paranoid about giving myself a heart attack. The weight hasn't been falling off -- instead it's been shifting a little. Build muscle? Not sure. My legs and rear-end have always been "meaty."

While my dad was here this weekend I showed him the wonder that is the Wii. Then I strained my shoulder playing Wii Baseball. @#!!. No more Wii for me unless I shift to the left for a while.

This week I have a few things lined up. Don't want to jinx it, so no more on that for now.

Today I ran into my in-law's, and my BIL is still in need of female vocals for his single. The girl he recorded with was not working out like he hoped, and he asked if I was still available. Well, of course I'm available. I'd even get to rewrite the lyrics. I live for that stuff. Writing a song from scratch is very frustrating for me since my instrument skills are weak. Everything about the arrangement is in my head, and the most I can do is vocalize what I think it should sound like. That's another entry, though. I think it's cool he still wants to work with me.

I just have to get my shit together for this week. Everything else will fall into place.

Fried onions

Wednesday, 28 February 2007 20:33
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I love 'em. My grandaddy's favorite thing to make was hamburgers topped with fried onions. They were just the best gawdamn thing in the universe when I was a kid. I never got the hang of grits with gravy, but fried chicken, biscuits & gravy, and pork chops... mmm-MM those were good. He would often tell me that eating onions kept colds away, and I believed him. Still do, to an extent. Unfortunately, my grandaddy's cooking is probably what killed him. That, and my grandmother's toxic personality.

A couple of days ago I made an orientation appointment with the top trainer at Gold's. It was just an orientation, so I wasn't expecting much other than "these are the machines." "how much weight do you want to lose," and "this is our price list for training sessions." I didn't get any of that.

I got a pep talk, some discussion about my goals, some diet advice that I'm not entirely sure I'll take, and a one-month cardio plan. He said to me "I know you're stuck on cardio right now and it's not very productive for you. What you need is a challenge. Forget the programmes on the display for now and focus on your heart rate. Cardio is not helpful if it's not strengthening or conditioning your heart." I hadn't given it much thought, but he was right. I wasn't challenging myself adequately.

As for weight training he advised me to hold off until the month was up. One thing at a time, he said. To keep muscles awake, do simple body weight movements (push-ups, leg raises, crunches, etc) in sets of X. After the orientation he sent me a file full of stretch illustrations via email. I need to focus on those, too.

Today was the first day I tried my new cardio regimen. It was tougher than I thought it would be. I needed to maintain 70-75% of my MHR for five minutes at a time, something I couldn't easily do without running (I'm too heavy to run), meaning I relied on setting the treadmill to an incline at my regular brisk pace. It took about 45 minutes. I felt different afterward, and I don't mean "more tired!" I really hadn't been challenging myself, not even by my own definition of HIIT.

Stretch, a half-hearted attempt at calisthenics, and then a shower. I went to the grocery store and had a sandwich before attempting to shop. The stock boys flirted with me. The butcher flirted with me. A guy in the cereal aisle flirted with me. I must have been glowing, because I never get this much attention at the supermarket. It was kinda creepy.

Tonight I am going to abandon the internet and go into The Room. Garret has been fed, Grady is in his favorite spot in the closet, and I'm not in the mood for The Sims or watching TV. I hope I make something interesting in there. The Room has been calling me for a while.

Free day

Wednesday, 25 October 2006 15:06
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According to my BFL schedule today is a free day. Free from exercising, free from dieting... it's like a "reset" button. The logic is when I get back to the gym on Thursday I will be able to reap the benefits of starting fresh with minimal damage to my progress. Kind of like a refeed. I always enjoyed the free day of BFL challenges past -- they made the diet part bearable.

Here's the problem: I'm not really aching to eat a cheesecake or anything else that might otherwise be taboo. I'm wondering if I should force myself to swing by Dairy Queen on my way to rehearsal tonight.

Come to think of it, my appetite has been pretty subdued ever since I left Big G. Without the bottomless bins of candy and snacks right around the corner I'm not tempted to think "well, a little chocolate won't hurt." I'm just not hungry, and I'm not eating when I'm not hungry. My standard lunchtime has always been around 1 or 2, but at the office it wasn't a good idea to hit the trough so late. You might as well skip.

So I eat breakfast. I eat lunch. I chew gum. My tummy trouble has reduced significantly. With Garret's mobility reduced to arm's reach and the bathroom I'm cooking for both of us. We've eaten a LOT of salads this week. Crispy chicken salad, cobb salad, chicken caesar salad, taco salad...

Maybe I should just go to the 7-11 up the street and buy a fucking hershey bar so I can say I splurged. Or not.

I would not be surprised if next Monday's weigh-in showed progress. I am looking forward to dipping below 200 by New Year's. Once that goal is reached I can start running again.

Home again

Tuesday, 24 October 2006 12:59
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Garret is home again. This weather isn't doing him any favors -- me either, but I think that my aches and pains are more muscular than skeletal.

Speaking of muscle pain, I've been working on returning to Body-for-LIFE to get back on track. This worked really well for me in the past, and being able to set daily goals for myself has been difficult without it. I have no excuse NOT to pay attention to my health.

So I've been doing the weight training days, and since I tend to skip the cardio days I've made a point of including cardio every time I go to the gym. The hard part about that is the whole "I did cardio with my weights yesterday, so I can skip today." I guess it works, but I'd rather be doing cardio every day.

Then there are the body parts I just don't target at all: hamstrings, calves, and arms. These are covered by compound moves and have a tendency to be troublesome when I do target them. My hamstrings and calves tighten up and often cramp no matter how much potassium or stretching I do, and my arms will totally go G.I. Joe action figure faster than any other part of my body. Nice guns? Damn straight. But it's hard to find blouses and jackets that fit when you're packing that kind of heat. Don't get me started on the shoulders my mother blessed me with... damn Irish genetics.

Actually, it's not so bad. When my bodyfat is in the low 20%'s I don't look built like a brick shithouse. I look strong and superhero-like. It's not confidential - I've got potential. Here's to looking like a superhero again. *clink*


The vet called back and said our cat was healthy. X-rays were "nonremarkable." He also said it was okay to return him to wet food as his primary diet. ??? We were told a while back that dry food was better for him (dentally and such), but I guess new research says otherwise. I think it's a ploy to get us to sedate our cat more often, but we'll see. Grady IS kinda fat. Maybe reverting to the high-protein diet of wet food will help him out.
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I had to throw away almost eight fully-cooked chicken breasts this evening because I left them out on the counter all day. If it was December I probably would have shrugged it off and just cooked them a little more to bring them up to temp, but it was friggin' 80 degrees outside, and we have no a/c in the house.

Fuck. That meat was supposed to last us all week for lunches AND a couple of dinners. Fuck fuck FUCK.

At least it explains why Grady was much crazier than usual when we got home. He could smell that chicken a-goin' bad all day long and couldn't do a damn thing about it. Even if he had jumped up on the kitchen counter (which he never does, no evidence proves it) he'd still have to figure out how to open the ziploc storage box they were all in. Damn his lack of opposable thumbs! So he made all these strange noises at us instead. When we opened the sliding glass door, he made them at the backyard, too.

We're all getting very excited about tomorrow's gig! It's a friggin' Wednesday and hardly anybody will make it, but I'm going to have fun anyway. It's an excuse to dress up and stay out late. I wish my dad could be there, or that someone had a video camera. That would be kewl.

Ed has a friend who will tweak sound for us, and another friend who is going to take pictures. One of the cooks in our office cafeteria said she'd like to come, too, which I thought was really nice. This is going to be so. much. fun. Audience or not, I'm gonna RAWK DA HAUS!

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