Monday, 10 August 2009 23:16
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Yeah, it's back. I spent most of today in a fog with a headache because of it.

Grady is fine. Just waiting for the day when he eats more than the pawful of kibble he's flung out of the dish.

I need to contact my producer here soon, get hoppin' on that record. Things are shifting in Troublefaker land and I want to get all-new material set up for the next round of shows.

I'm tired.


Sunday, 9 August 2009 23:22
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Got up early to get Grady more max/cal food, went to Costco, then spent the rest of my day dealing with a migraine and girly issues. Yay.

Grady is eating. He's not eating a lot, but he's eating more than what he was yesterday. This evening I pulled out a couple of cans of his regular cat food and he got a little excited. That's a step up from gagging! Alas, he was not interested in eating the food once it was out of the can. It will be there all night -- keep your fingers crossed some of it is gone by morning.

Did I mention I had a migraine? Yeah, that was not fun.

At one point I thought Grady had scratched up the sutures around the tube in his neck and was bleeding profusely. In my headachey fog I picked him up and ran with him in my arms back and forth from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom chanting "oh no! oh my god! oh no! oh my god!" I think I was looking for the vet supplies but didn't have my head on straight. When I found them, I put Grady on the washer and inspected him ("oh no! oh my god! oh no! oh my god!") for open wounds. To his credit, he just sat there for me. I must have amused him. He only runs when he's certain what's going on. I finally figured out that he wasn't bleeding, but his soft bandage had been so shredded by scratching that the red stretchy bandage was showing through, and I had mistaken it for blood. Huh.

It was at this point I realized I should probably take something for that migraine and eat something. Both of these things made me tired and sleepy.

I got absolutely nothing done today except a few additions to the clay pieces I've been working on. No recording, no cleaning, no laundry... the day was a waste. I spent it napping.

Grady, however, is back to his former energy levels and then some. Must be the veterinary Sam-e that I've been giving him. He's got a lot of talking and biting to catch up on.

I stink

Monday, 6 July 2009 23:08
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Seriously, I do. I had to run for the bus this morning, then I ended up walking about a mile or so this afternoon to get home. Add the rising heat of the afternoon and a band rehearsal, and I smell like a sack of onions and something else I don't really feel like going into right now.

Let's just say I can tell when I'm ovulating.

Wrote a new song tonight, finished up one we started last week called FOUR STARS ON EXPERT. Donnie's son, Parker, didn't get it. "But the best you can do is FIVE stars, so your song is wrong!" "Ah, young Parker, there's the rub. People who can actually get five stars on expert wouldn't write a song about it. One needs something to look forward to in life." "Oh." Parker is nine (I think).

I'm debating taking a shower before bed. I am that stinky. Yes I am.

Please click

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 14:40
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The Breast Cancer Site

I am finding myself in need of medical attention, but am on the edge of qualifying for any free services. Apparently I have to not only be broke, but already 40 to receive a free mammogram. I may qualify anyway because my doctor has been asking me to get one for the last few years due to my family history and the fact that I have an unusually nice rack (my words, not his).

I'm not sure where to start to find a location or service that will help me out other than Google. So far, all the leads I've found point to the site above or very old news items offering free mammograms for one day only.

Last night I told a friend I don't expect to leave this world with everything intact. Ten years ago that would have been a joke. Now, not so much.

Music politics?

Thursday, 9 April 2009 14:14
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The flyer for the MS Open Mic anniversary show was released today and is VERY biased. We weren't told we'd be playing as "guests" to any band, and my logo and the other "guest" act's are so small you can barely see them under the huge graphic for the reggae band. I have never seen such a shitty flyer. If I wasn't cranky from PMS I'd tell them exactly how I felt about it and pull out of the show. That's just rude. COME SEE THIS MASSIVE REGGAE BAND oh, and these other two bands that we found, too. AND HERE'S A SHOUTOUT TO OUR COMPUTER GEEK SPONSORS.

WTF? No wonder people think my flyers are awesome. All they ever see is poor design like this.

I did end up writing to the coordinator and flyer artist wanting to know what the hell and have yet to hear back. Maybe, MAYBE they'll fix it. If they don't, I guess I'll be making one of my own.

I would never pull that kind of shit with other bands I perform with. Everyone there is there for a reason, and I don't care who's getting paid and who isn't. You don't relegate supporting bands' names to less than 10% of flyer real estate for a fucking open mic night.

Rude! Rude rude rude RUDE!

ETA: Aaaaaand I'm PMSing. I got a response to my request to change the flyer, and they will make our names more prominent.

Facebook again

Wednesday, 8 April 2009 13:58
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Every day I login to Facebook these days I'm horribly disappointed. Quizzes and memes went over there and pooped all over the place, making Zuckerburg's baby a dull place to visit. I have been spending most of my FB time in Pathwords, frustrating the shit out myself trying to get somewhere - anywhere - close to [ profile] skipbreakfast's high score.

In the meantime, LiveJournal has become a quiet in comparison. This is a little sad. I can't get to know people with memes and top 5 lists. I already have Twitter for status updates. I try to see the positive in the whole thing by thinking "hey, at least all those things are on Facebook and not on LJ." I am not fond of memes and quizzes. If the results are particularly hilarious, I'll post a result, but online quizzes are like stick figures -- anyone can make one, but one that is interesting enough to spend time on takes talent not regularly found on the internet.

So... what's going on here... no job means no meds, I'm still looking for work, PMS has sucked all the motivation out of me, I rode my bike yesterday, and I hit the 90% mark in LEGO Batman last night.

If one more person flakes out on me for something I'm trying to sell on Craigslist, I am giving up. fucking seattlites...


Sunday, 25 January 2009 13:47
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Not sticking.

Keith coming over.

If it continues to snow, I will never be rid of him.

Lord, get me some Midol and scotch, it will be a painful afternoon.

Today's goal: Mud Pie Blizzard. Wish me luck.


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