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Tuesday, 15 February 2011 20:04
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I received papers in the mail a couple of weeks ago from the mediator of my divorce. They were signed by a judge but presented without context. I figured I would wait for an email or further paperwork but none came, so I emailed the woman.

I have been officially divorced since January 21, 2011. 12-21-2002 to 1-21-2011. A little over eight years, three of them without Garret anywhere but in pixels on my computer screen.

It's a relief and a little sad. I'm also a little pissed that it took as long as it did. Neither one of us knew what to expect from the process other than signing papers and a court date, and the mediator was incredibly unhelpful. Since we first met up with her back in '07 her practice has grown and her calendar is so packed she doesn't answer her email for days. I would not be surprised if the money we gave her financed that. Would it have killed her or her assistant to include a note with that paperwork saying "this paperwork indicates your divorce was final on 1/21. Thanks and have a nice day?" All this could have been avoided and several hundred dollars saved had we been given a little guidance. Since the first filing I can't tell you how many people I've heard say "our divorce was easy - we just filed X, paid our $250, and got it all done by fax. No lawyers or anything!" Well, good for you.

I have a small box of Garret's things at my house that I'm sure he'd want if he knew about them. He was always more sentimental than me about certain things. I miss my in-laws still and think about them now and then.

But yeah... it's done. I wish I'd known sooner so I could have a party or something.


Wednesday, 29 December 2010 13:18
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Grady is going to Dr. K to be drained today. How he can be engorged with fluid and still be dehydrated to the point where he gorges himself on water is a mystery to me. Most of the major vomiting episodes over the last week have been due to him overdoing it with water. His last one was in a place that was much easier to clean up -- all water.

His appetite is improving. He has this odd tendency to only eat if one of us is nearby eating, and if he's feeling ornery he'll ignore the food we've put out for him and come begging. I hate that. This morning was the first morning in a long time he hopped up on the bed to beg for breakfast. Ken got up to feed him while I tried to wake up. When served, Grady just stared at the plate. "You gonna eat that?" Ken asked. «Yeah... I guess.» And then he ate. By the time I was ready for coffee it was gone, and that was good.

The Christmas tree came down yesterday along with all the other holiday decor. As I packed everything up I wondered how much of my ornaments and other stuff wound up with Garret. I'm missing a lot of garland and my childhood stocking. I'd be willing to trade him if he did. I'm pretty sure I have at least one major holiday decoration he wishes he hadn't left behind.

Working from home today, but not a lot is crossing my desk and my to-do list was pretty much covered by 9 this morning. I'm in "waiting for email" mode.
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It's been a while since I have actually seen my soon-to-be-ex-husband. Such a long time that I'm not entirely sure how I'd feel about being in the same room with him anymore. I'm sure I'd feel something, but it wouldn't be overwhelming or dramatic. I haven't given him a lot of thought lately.

After weeks of dealing with my back injury I was finally able to meet with Fish, a mutual friend of ours, to get the last of the divorce paperwork. We had a nice visit, he talked about his kids and his new job. Fish is a nice guy. It was quite the coincidence to find out he and his wife are active at the same judo dojo Ken attends.

Fish didn't volunteer any information about Garret other than the paperwork, so I don't expect he will volunteer any information about me, either. The only thing he said was that he liked both of us and was very sad we had to go through all this mess. I thanked him for that. The only thing I could say in response was "We'll all be okay. I'm sure Garret is fine -- he was fine before I came along and can take care of himself. It's been too long for me to say anything else about that."

When I got home I signed the papers and sealed them in the prepaid envelope they came in. It was very anticlimactic. My only concern now is if I will be notified when it is final.

I lost a lot of friends in the split. I lost family I cared very much about. They seem to be doing fine -- my BIL/SIL have since had a baby boy, giving the family something new and positive to focus on. I try to extend positive wishes their way with holiday cards, but it's awkward. I don't really have anything that binds me to them anymore but that and my desire to stay in touch. My MIL sent me a pic of her new grandson on Santa's lap with a happy note, for which I am grateful. He's very cute.

If I had any wish in the world about my in-laws, it would be that we could still have the occasional lunch or phone call where we could catch up and visit like nothing awful ever happened. I don't know if that's possible without re-establishing speaking terms with Garret. Will that ever happen? Who knows. All I can say for sure is if he called, I'd be civil -- maybe even friendly. He knows this, I think.

The paperwork goes in the mail this afternoon, and three months from now it will be over. It seems like it's already been over for a very long time anyway. I'm okay with that.
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Today was Garret's birthday and I didn't think of him all day long until just now when I realized what the date was.

I didn't think about it yesterday either. The only birthday I thought about was The Lamb's, and her's was on Friday.

A book I'm reading says the main cause of depression is the inability to let go. It then went on to describe the things people often have a hard time letting go of, and they were mostly things that happen to all of us during the course of our lives. It was an eye-opener.

Merry Whatever

Tuesday, 8 December 2009 19:50
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This will be the third year in a row I have not bothered to put up a tree. I just never felt the need to once Garret left. I have a fake tree that I used to like a lot, but now that Grady is part of my life I can't really use it (he likes to chew on the lower branches and then barf 'em up).

One year I draped a green sheet over my easel and then tied my Pikachu stuffed toy to the top of it. Wrapped the whole thing with some lights and it was good.

I get more joy this time of year out of donating to charity than anything else, but nobody likes getting a card that says "I donated to charity in your name." That's one less piece of loot, dammit! Where's my Vuitton bag I asked for?

If you are enjoying your holidays, I salute you. It really is a nice time of year. People are nicer to each other, and there are things in stores that you can't get any other time of year -- I *love* those things!. I am just going to stay in my cave and watch y'all enjoy yourselves. It's better than getting trampled at the mall or embarrassing myself at a holiday party.
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I got paperwork in email today. Many of my questions have been answered. I am still very unsettled when I see his name in my Inbox. I miss my in-laws. They probably hate me, I don't know. I wish I had handled my SIL's pregnancy better, but it was just not something I could handle at the time. I hope they are all happy and healthy.

So... better late than never.
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I told him I barely remember him, but Jerry seems to think I was his girlfriend. If he thinks this, all the apologies in the world won't atone for me saying "sorry, I don't really remember you that well." Well, I remember him vaguely at best. We were kids in a place I would rather forget altogether.

In other news, my ex and his co-conspirator are now both on Facebook. I would never have known if a) Facebook had not suggested one of them to me, and b) someone in my circle of friends hadn't friended Garret. As a result, I really don't want to do too much there anymore. I thought I was ready to make some kind of peace in the form of a phone call or something, but now I'm not so sure.

The divorce... I really don't know what is going on there. I asked nicely if he'd take care of it like he was supposed to to begin with, and he said he was already on it. I haven't heard from him since -- so much for that. No court record in our state has our names on it except the original petition. Believe me, I'm as confused and frustrated over this situation as anyone else. I have done my homework and have found my hands tied.

In more pleasant news, I got paid. Now it is time to get my damn certifications and get on with it.
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After my post declaring to the world I am not really divorced, I screwed up the courage to pay Garret a visit at his office. I took too long and missed him -- he is no longer in that office OR at the company, so my chance was lost.

I probably should have made contact a long time ago but didn't. Why would I want to? This is the guy who could have ended our marriage amicably and with very little fanfare like we'd both agreed to do, but decided to employ an ugly exit strategy instead. There wasn't anything pleasant I wanted to say to him and plenty of unpleasant things. Time is of the essence, though, so I sent an email.

I wrote that fucking email fifteen times. It went from ten paragraphs to ten words to ten sentences, until I finally put everything I wanted to say into about three and a half paragraphs: Sorry I missed you, we are not divorced, I cannot afford to re-file, please re-file in Lincoln County.

Have a nice life, good-bye.

I didn't expect to hear back from him, but I did a few hours later. Nothing lengthy or ugly. He sent acknowledgment of my request and let me know he had begun the process with the mediator last week. I don't have to worry about any fees, he'll take care of that. We have a mutual acquaintance that can relay any paperwork. It was extremely anticlimactic, but in a good way. I really didn't want to hear about what his life is like now, or read a mock-friendly tone in his reply. Facts are good. Simple is good.

Even though he's been gone long enough for me to get through my grief, I'm feeling the pain return a little. It's not about missing him, it's about being treated like I don't matter and taken away from a family I loved dearly. It's about the uncertainty and loneliness when you've made a commitment and the other person hasn't. I would rather put that behind me instead of be reminded of it, and now I'm wishing it had been done immediately instead of lazily. Considering the person in question, that's a lot to ask.

It will be over soon, though. That much I can look forward to.
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I haven't written about this in a while, but it's time I faced facts. Will posting this where the world can see it make me accountable or give me more fuel to procrastinate with? Who knows. You're reading this, so it's open for discussion. Standard rules apply: Speak your mind, and anonymous commenters are fair game.

I am not divorced.

My husband has been gone for nearly two years and gainfully employed for all that time, probably at the same salary he was hired, while I have struggled to stay employed at a level of pay that will keep a roof over my head and bills paid.

The original agreement in mediation was to separate assets as equally as possible, forfeit claim to each other's real estate, and then he would be the Petitioner on the divorce papers. We filed in King County where the Petitioner's presence in court is required. He wanted the divorce, he lives in downtown Seattle closer to the courthouse, he can afford to take a personal day, he can show up in court and get the divorce he put a knife in my back to get. I said as much in front of Garret and the mediator, and she corrected the paperwork to reflect this.

Garret did not file the divorce paperwork with the county until months later -- March, if I remember correctly -- and then I got a stack of papers in the mail. On one page there was a list of about twenty dates, and none of them were anything we needed to deal with: Disputes over property, custody arrangements, arguments for, arguments against, and requests for extensions were included. In summary, the only solid date given was for February 2009 -- almost a year later.

I asked several people what to make of this list of dates. I only knew two divorced people, but they had filed in a county that didn't require a court date and had no answers. My dad said "call the courthouse." At the time I was so overwhelmed with grief and frustration I didn't do anything. I stupidly assumed that Garret was eager enough to break ties with me that he'd figure it out. After all, he's the Petitioner, his presence is required, right? I counted the days from the date on the stack of papers sent to me. 90 days came and went, but the King County website never posted our divorce hearing. Maybe I got the date wrong? I checked for several weeks, still grieving too much to do anything about it.


This is a public post. There isn't anything in this entry people don't already know, and if I'm wrong about that it's not going to embarrass me anymore. Life happens, and this is mine.


Thursday, 4 June 2009 12:55
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I colored my hair last night with Ken's help. I've had the supplies for a couple of weeks now and was too chickenshit to follow through. It turned out pretty good. I probably could have left it on five more minutes, though. It still looks like I have roots, but at least the roots are cherry red and not soccer mom brown.

Grady is back from the vet. He was uncharacteristically quiet on the way there and on the way back. They gave him fluids and Pepcid, and will do some bloodwork. I'm out $133. That's without an x-ray. The vet was a good sport about Grady's shitty attitude, and remembered him from our last visit there. He has lost half a pound, but is still overweight.

I do not like PayPal.

I really want to make macaroni and cheese, but it will heat up the house like nobody's business. I'll have to wait until the sun goes down to do this. Damn.

The roasted garlic I made is almost gone. Here's some TMI for you: My bathroom smells like garlic. That's how much garlic was made and consumed in this house over the last 48 hours. We will be vampire-free for a month, guaranteed. I thought for sure the hair dye smell would overwhelm it, but no.

While I feel so much better now that the whateveritis is mostly out of my system, my voice is not up to par. I am having trouble staying on key and I still feel like I have fluid in my throat, making me cough randomly. I hope I'm back to normal by Sunday. As an added bonus, it looks like Ken has caught the whateveritis that knocked me out this week. I hope he doesn't suffer as much as I did. More garlic is in order.

It looks like we've booked another show this month. I can't tell you when or where without risking the crowd numbers for Sunday's Skylark show (because we really really really need people to show up there -- attendance == $$ == a completed album of Just My Stuff), but I will tell you it's soon, it's in a great little place with great food, and it will be easy to get to for all the people out there who complained about where we'd been booked for other shows. If we're lucky, this new show will come with its own draw, and we'll have plenty of audience.

Early this morning I got up to let some cool morning air into the house. This has worked for the last couple of summers, but this year it's a little challenging. To keep Grady out of his room, Ethan keeps the door closed (he's allergic), so that air flow is lost. We'll figure out something. So far I've been able to keep it below 80 inside, even though it doesn't really feel like it's 75-78 inside. Whatever the real temperature is, it's still much cooler than what's going on outside. I have my suspicions regarding this thermostat anyway. It went nuts after Garret moved out and I've been struggling with it ever since.

OMG DID YOU SEE L&O:SVU THIS WEEK? HOLY CRAP! I just caught it on TiVo, and man, I was on the edge of my seat...

That's about it.
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In the year 2000, I had just begun my relationship with Garret. In the course of two weeks I started a new job, attended a family reunion, and had my 19-year-old sister join me in my one-bedroom apartment. It was a little crazy.

I promised my sister I would not bring up anything about the month she stayed with me to her, mainly because it was a difficult time and I was stressed out by her visit. I wrote a lot of things on my then-blog,, vented with Garret, and butted heads with her. Not that it helped much, but in an effort to set a good example of not dwelling in the past I told her I didn't want to discuss it anymore because there wasn't a damn thing either of us could do to change what had happened. All we could do was move on.

Ken was getting acquainted with my art supply cabinet recently and found one of my old sketchbooks. It had a lot of old sketches in it that I had forgotten about. A lot of them were of Garret, back when I was all memegoo over him. Some were of Teamun in all his turtley goodness. I think there were some character sketches for a comic I wanted to do in there, too, but I digress...

Behind the cut is a strip I did of a daily occurrence in my apartment while my sister stayed with me. )
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I sent an email to Garret a week or so ago regarding the divorce and taxes. Usually I will hear back from him, but this time... silence. No "fuck you," no "where's my [insert something he could have bothered to ask for here]," no "I have no idea what you're talking about." I don't care if he's a new uncle, if he broke his leg, if he's depressed, or if he won the lotto -- this is important, and I am NOT going to pay for his laziness anymore. I'm done with that crap.

"So Wynne," you ask, "why don't you just re-file the papers yourself and get it over with? Isn't it worth it to not have to think about him ever again?" Maybe, but that's not the point.

Everything I have ever asked Garret to do, and every responsibility Garret has ever had for others has been ignored or argued about. During the marriage I would jump through every little hoop he threw out to "ask the right way," and it almost always resulted in me giving up and doing it myself. The only things Garret ever did when I asked him to were "take out the garbage" and "come eat." I'm not doing this one for him. He's the one that put me through the ringer. He's the one that ruined everything. He's the one that decided to leave. This is one mess I refuse to clean up.

Plus, I don't have the money to re-file. I'm about to make a big decision soon whether or not to walk away from this house. I can't afford to sell it.

Have I mentioned I'm not going to clean up after him this time? I don't think I've hammered that point home enough.
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I should get into the habit of not being on the computer while talking to people on the phone unless I am looking up something for them.

The local paper reports that the storm wasn't as bad as predicted and the worst has passed. Now we just have to become comfortable with having a white Christmas and try not to kill each other out on the roads.

In the meantime there are thousands of people just like me who can't afford to not go to work on the three days of the week surrounding the Christmas holiday. I also can't go see Miss Judy, and can't do a number of things I had planned to do in the days before the world stands still. There is one thing I will be doing on Monday that no one can stop me from doing, and that's making a delivery of merchandise to a fellow in Everett who wants to give his wife a happy surprise on Christmas morning. I made a promise and intend to keep it.

I worry more about my habit of isolating myself than I do about relating to other people. I'm fine relating to others, it's creating the situation that is difficult. I wonder if it's just me, if I would do the same thing somewhere else.

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary. Garret didn't appear in court, so the petition was dismissed. I haven't seen him in a year.

I need to get rid of this house.
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Refresher course:

I found an email for the DDES and wrote to them. Today I got a call back from a woman with a pleasant voice explaining to me what the letter meant and how to take care of the issue described inside. I could not tell if she was irritated with me or just abrasive, but I tried to convey to her that I wasn't an unreasonable & bitter divorcee, I just wanted this taken care of and it wasn't my fault it hadn't been yet.

I got a copy fo the final notice because the people who installed the furnace last year hadn't responded to the DDES's inquiries for a permit. As a last resort, the property owner gets a letter. And here we are. The furnace will get inspected next Tuesday.

So it wasn't Garret's fault after all, it was the installer's. If the installers contacted Garret and he still didn't bother to contact me... yeah, I'd be pissed. Right now I'm just happy to not be pissed at somebody who doesn't deserve any more of my emotional energy than I've already given him.
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I went to the mailbox today and found a letter from the King County Department of Development and Environmental Services. It said "FINAL NOTICE" on it. I thought "whatever on earth for?"

When the new furnace was installed in October of 2007, there was a permit of some kind involved and an inspection was required. I was unaware of this. Now the DDES wants to know where that permit is, because they never saw it, and if they did it wasn't approved by them.


I can probably take care of this because I caught this in time (the letter is dated November 5), but if this is the FINAL NOTICE, where did the previous ones go? I'll tell you where they went. They were addressed to "Garret & Wynne Blue" instead of "Wynne & Garret Blue" like this one was. Anything addressed to Garret first gets forwarded to HIM by the USPS. I learned this the hard way, back when the stimulus check was sent to him instead of me. I probably wouldn't have seen a cent of it if I hadn't contacted him, and if I had been expecting any letters from the DDES I probably would have noticed them missing. If the final notice hadn't reached me I would be in violation of the law and expected to pay a fine of several hundred dollars.

If he killed himself I probably wouldn't hear about it, either. Being legally separated means that I'm not responsible for any of his debts and am not entitled to an inheritance either, which is fine with me.

By doing nothing even when I don't expect anything of him he continues to create problems for me. Not even trying. Just sitting on his butt, watching TV and playing WoW, getting his mail every couple of weeks and not looking at any of it. All I can do is hope he snaps out of whatever trance he's in and exercises some courtesy. We all know that won't happen, because courtesy takes effort.

This is what I get for forwarding his mail for him. No good deed goes unpunished.
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I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "gosh, I wish I had saved more of my wedding knickknacks, programs, and related crap."

The recycle bin is full. )

So much shit. I'm not upset or anything. All I can think is "what did I ever do to him? Was cooking, cleaning, and giving him every extra thought in my head really so cruel? Should I have beaten him or something? Life must suck when you have someone in your life that wants wonderful things for you. It must suck like a $2000 vacuum cleaner."
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That's been my week so far. But, it's been a pretty good week. I have some good things coming down the pipe, and I'm happy about them.

Aside from good news I don't want to jinx, I am still collecting items from my personal inventory to sell or donate. I have a number of clothes I can no longer fit in without having to pin them to my body, so those will have to go. I also have a bunch of books and software I don't really want to hang on to. The software is mostly games or something similar that you would not expect an update for.

The big things are going to be hard to get rid of. I have a 300-disk CD changer that I have never used. My dad thought it was the awesomest thing ever ten years ago and I have yet to put more than five disks in it. CraigsList has a few listed for about $50. I'm sure there's someone out there who doesn't want to rip their collection. It's not me -- I just came across a box of CD's I don't know if I'll ever listen to again.

I have a shiny new eBay account and will probably use that for some small things.

I'm uncovering so much. Not all of it are things I really wanted to deal with again. I found pictures of Garret and his siblings from the time we all went up to Stevens Pass to take pictures, and both he and his sister acquired giardiasis. Fun. While those were better times, I remember staying out of family pictures because deep down I knew I wouldn't be family for much longer. I regret that now, but back then I just didn't want to become an unpleasant memory. Now I will be no memory at all except for the white gold band around Garret's finger.

Allison suggested again that we might end up as roommates. I think that would be fun, but I worry about Grady. She has two cats and a small dog, and Grady freaks out in the presence of other furry mammals.

Oh hey, do you like my new icon? It's the 1960 one. I also have the one from 1968 that is slightly insane looking because I used a different base photo. Too intense, actually. I'll save it for later.
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City of Heroes has been on my list of Stuff I Pay For since about a year ago. Before then, Garret paid for it with his credit card. I rarely logged on because, you know, I had things to do like cook, clean, shop, work, and take care of myself and him. Bottom line: He wanted me to want to play games with him, but was too passive-aggressive to encourage me. Four years later, I have this MMO on my computer that I've been paying for and not playing.

Once I canceled my billing for this game I was told the month of September was pretty much paid for until the 27th, so I decided to get back into it for a while. Without a job, I have a ton of time to do this. I leveled my toon ten times in the last three weeks. How? By getting over myself and interacting with other people online.

I'm not going to lie and say "omg these people are so totally normal and kewl we should make out" or anything. Some are cool, some are not. I'm not into RPG's because I find them incredibly, painfully nerdy, but people in the game will sometimes role play, and I'm still really blurry on the protocol for these people. Parenthesis, no parenthesis... reacting to some of my "mundane" comments "in character..."

I could go on about the different things I've experienced in the game, but it would bore the crap out of you. Instead, let me tell you what I learned about myself.

Read more... )

I like to play games. I have game consoles. I do not think I can spend every single spare waking minute playing. I don't like to play alone, I know that much. I also know that when the frustration outweighs the fun, it's time to stop.

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I got a call this morning regarding an overdue bill from Waste Management. I bitched at the girl because if I owed them money I should be getting a bill in the mail, and none have arrived since I was credited for two years' worth of a yard waste bin subscription they never bothered to send us a yard waste bin for. I wasn't expecting a bill in the mail for a while.

Turns out that every single bill or mail item with Garret's name on it goes directly to Garret. It does not pass go, does not collect $200, and DOES NOT GET BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION. Why? Garret is a pussy who would rather play WoW in his copious amounts of free time than drop me an email telling me a bill I need to pay has been sent to him by mistake. So far I have missed out on the bill for the alarm monitoring system, the waste management service, and our IRS rebate check -- all because the post office has ignored the little checkbox that says "INDIVIDUAL" next to it.

I think this may be why I'm not receiving my land line bill as well. They haven't shut it off yet, and the only reason it's still active is for the alarm monitoring system, so I have no idea what else to do but call Verizon (again) and tell them to take his name off the account.

Taking Garret's name off of the house accounts shouldn't be this much of a pain in the ass. He doesn't live here and hasn't for months. He hasn't even come by to get any of the shit he insisted he keep in the separation agreement, or bothered to send anyone to claim it. He is no longer relevant to this address. RANT )

I think I wouldn't be so easily irritable if I knew where my next meal was coming from, or if I'd be able to pay my mortgage for October. Right now I really hate my life.
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I got to the Convention Center on Friday around 11 a.m. thanks to [ profile] zachdms who was running the Super Smash Bros tournament that day.

Funny thing about Friday -- it was hot. I dressed a little more professionally than I needed to because it was perfect for crappy weather and instantly regretted it. Air conditioning? Hah. By the time I got to the top floor to stand in the Will Call line I could already feel sweat dripping down the small of my back. I could only strip down so much.

In line I met a reviewer named Omaha Sternberg and had a nice conversation about what to look forward to at the conference. She and I would cross paths a time or two during the weekend. Sharp lady.

I found a table and sat down to review the contents of the year's swag bag. Not five minutes later I was joined by two guys in military fatigues. Something seemed out of place to me but I didn't think too hard about it considering the diversity of the crowds. It turns out they weren't military, but BOOTH BABES for the XBox 360's Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. They asked a lot of questions about PAX and what to expect of the crowds, and I filled them in on a few things (like Gamerstench). I got their names and for the life of me have not been able to remember them beyond that first day, even though I talked to them several times over the weekend as they worked. At any rate, got a pic of them. I have stolen it and put it behind the cut along with some of the pictures that never made it past LiveJournal's email post feature. )


Once the Omegathon was done and a winner declared, the event was over. A picture was taken of the group for posterity, and I await its arrival in my inbox. I ducked out of a post-event dinner in Magnolia because I'm exhausted. I will probably sleep most of the day on Monday, as will the rest of my new friends.

You know, there were so many people at PAX I'm amazed at the people I *did* manage to bump into there. [ profile] mischief_wa was there for a few hours, I ran into an old coworker of Garret's (and later went out of my way to avoid his wife), Amanda was there working the LoTR:Online booth, and later I ran into Rob and Takahisa from my last team at MS. Unfortunately, I managed to miss seeing [ profile] zachdms again, and my old college buddy Chris attended the entire weekend and I never saw him. If Garret was there at all I missed him completely, but I don't think he was.

And now I sleep.