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Because I know a handful of you on the crafting mailing list are also readers of this blog. Pay attention:

On Sunday I will send out the official invitation to the next Craft Night. If you do not want your email and/or name shared with the rest of the guest list you need to answer that mail TODAY. I won't send a separate invitation to you or mail you the details of when and where Craft Night is outside of that invitation.

I'm still investigating how Gmail handles contact information in calendar invites. If your email does not resolve to a name, your email will appear. If your email does resolve to a name, your name will appear. If I have you in my contact address book under a name, THAT name will appear. Heads up: I have had to add names to several people's entries in my address book so I know who the hell they are.

I'd really like to have a Craft Night this week. I'd like to make things and take pictures of things and be able to speak freely about the things that make me happy and cause me a little concern. Mostly those first two, but you get the idea.

Read the email I sent last week. If you get the invite please RSVP. If we have a quorum, it's on. If we don't, it's not.
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Not all of it is clay work. I decided to expand my horizons a bit. Please check it out. It would help me out a lot if you shared the link with your friends (because I'm horrid at self-promotion).


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It was a low-key night where I didn't do any clay work, sketch books came out, and there was some Mardi Gras maskmaking in the house. I wasted a chunk of time wrestling with iTunes (it won't let me add new music for some reason) but ended up making people come to my computer to listen to songs instead. Preview of WCBnext, anyone?

ECCC inspired me to buy some paint pens. I had no idea where to start and don't really own a pencil set anymore. I ended up skipping the pencil and going straight for the paint. Oh, if only the red pen had worked better... it turned out okay anyway.


For Marianne

Wednesday, 9 February 2011 18:34
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Two pendants personalized for two special little girls, along with a few other designs from the same creative exercise.

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Some items have been renewed, and a couple of others are new listings. Behind the scenes I am experimenting with some new designs and wondering why I try so hard at jewelry -- I much prefer making little sculptures!


Craft Night!

Thursday, 11 November 2010 18:00
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I'm still working on the HJR ornament order for the woman in the UK. It's been a year since I added any of these to my inventory, and it shows. I almost forgot how complex the candy canes were! It's still fun, and I'll likely make a bunch more before the month is out. You know, I should just make Christmas shit six months out of the year so I can have a successful shopping season. We'll see.

Melody came by with a project for all her young cousins. She'll fill these goody bags with crayons and small toys to give them when they visit next week. I thought it was pretty cute.
MelH cn 1110b.jpg

MelH craft 1110.jpg

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I'm a little late for sharing craft night accomplishments and would probably have skipped it if not for these two items.

The keyboards are for the Devo-inspired clothespins. They turned out to be a bit too large for the dolls themselves, so I will finish up the details and add pin backings to them. My scale miscalculation won't be a total loss.

The little blue/orange guy is a chihuaua-shaped catnip toy, full of "the good stuff." Grady was happy to receive it, and pushed it across the dining room with his face for several minutes.

It is uncertain if craft night will survive the new job, but we'll see.


Crafty etc

Monday, 18 October 2010 02:23
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With all my extra orange clay I made magnets. Since I don't have a box of an appropriate size to ship them in, I'm painting Altoids tins as packaging. Once I get the paint where I want it and sealed I'll have to upload pictures -- it could get them to sell, who knows.

The DEVO dolls are coming right along, but I'll have to re-do the energy domes. The red clay I originally used darkened in the oven to a sultry brick color, and that simply will not do. I'm hoping to have pictures taken and ready to upload by Friday night. All I have to do for that to happen is arms, instruments, eyeglasses, and screweyes. Easier said than done.

As fun as the clothespin dolls are, I really do prefer to work in polymer. I'll work on dolls for as long as I have ideas, though. There's no law that says I can't incorporate polymer into my dolls, right? I didn't think so.

Life is about to become much more complicated for me after this week. I must craft and create as much as possible while I still have all this friggin' free time!

Craft Night!

Thursday, 7 October 2010 00:38
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If Quasimodo wanted to go trick or treating, this would be his costume. Not quite what I pictured in my head... I was the only one to make one, HOWEVER anyone wishing to join me next week will be able to. Theirs will look much, much better. By then I will have made up a tutorial to follow.

Good company & conversation - much thanks to everyone that made it. :-)

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I really need a new digital camera. Maybe not NEWnew, but new enough to me. My favorite camera got all moody on me a while back and I've been using someone else's. It's great, but not always available when I have the time and inclination to get pictures taken. I still have a few more items to photograph.

Craft night tonight, with a possibility of new faces joining me. Will they clay with me or bring something with them? Hard to tell. It should be a fun evening.

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