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I don't do a lot of public posts because most of what I write here is either private or for a very limited audience. At some point in time it became very unwise to be an open book online, and I retreated accordingly. You can still find me if you want, because I'm okay with being found, but I keep my public and personal thoughts separate on the internet.

My band released its third studio album this month. We're pretty psyched about this, because if you listen to this and then listen to the first album it's like night and day. We've learned so much as musicians, artists, and producers since 2009, and it shows. I'll admit that I wasn't as excited about this project at first because I'm so used to writing about things that boil deep under the surface and it had to grow on me a bit. I know now that I was just being a diva, and this is probably the album that gets us some well-deserved positive attention. We'll see.

If you still check back here from time to time I encourage you to click on over to the CD Baby website and listen to some sample tracks. Heck, maybe you'll even buy yourself a CD or two. We just submitted our digital distribution info and should see this album on iTunes in time for Christmas! Yay!

So... there it is. And here's a link.

Wynne C Blue and Her Troublefakers: I Know
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We're stepping in to replace a cancellation this Saturday at The Skylark Cafe & Club in West Seattle. Come join us!

Who: TUKTU, The Changing Colors, Wynne C Blue
Where: The Skylark Cafe & Club 3803 DELRIDGE WAY SW, Seattle
When: Saturday 6/15/13 8pm

21+, $5, we will open the show so get there early!

Hello Everyone

Tuesday, 8 May 2012 20:52
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I don't blog as often as I used to. Heck, if you wander around LiveJournal for a while you'll see there are a lot of accounts that haven't been updated in months -- that includes personal and community accounts. I couldn't tell you how many of those were still active on a private or friends-only level.

My last public post was in December when album #2 came out. Everything else has been under lock and key for very good reason. Without revealing too much I'll tell you this: I went through a pretty dark time this Winter. It wasn't until my birthday in March that I actually took the first step in doing something about it.

The band still practices once a week. We've been adding some covers to our songbook so we can play longer sets and maybe a few parties or corporate events. As far as new songs go there have been only a few that I think are worth recording, but I am my own worst critic in that department. Ron went through our rehearsal archives and found another album in there somewhere. To be honest I haven't had much I've wanted to write about. I am blocked by the inability to truly express myself without repercussion and a dullness in my imagination for songs that are more entertainment than art.

I still live in the house I bought with my ex back in '05. Now that I'm in a position to refinance my horrendous mortgage I'm finding myself dreaming at night of other, more interesting and charming places to live. The ex's needs chose this house. With him gone it's kinda dumb for me to stay here if it's going to make me go broke. We'll see what the refi terms are -- being able to make a few changes could make a difference.

Martha is not Grady. She does not snuggle and is afraid of nothing. She will, however, lie on the floor with her paws up so you can rub her belly. I really wish I knew what she was trying to tell me, though, because she never shuts up. I feel like if only we could get past that communication thing we'd be golden.

My hair is getting really long. It's still candy-apple red, but these days I have more pink at the temples. Once in a while the roots get long enough I can make out my natural color. Still too much silver, so I color everything red again.

I roll in waves. Some weeks I'm very content and others I just want to go on a long drive alone somewhere. My life is not horrible. There are people I miss and hope to see again. There are songs I need to write. Until then, I am still posting entries here under lockdown where the search engines won't bother them much.

If you have a blog or another web presence I should know about please tell me where to find it in the comments. Everything is screened since I have no idea who actually checks here outside of LJ anymore.
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I know I know -- I'm totally abusing the few of you that remain faithful to LJ by advertising, but I promise it's for a good cause (me) and it's probably the only time I'll do it until there's another event coming up. This album was recorded in about two months, and the mixing process took a bit longer than that, then there was sending it off to Austin, TX, for mastering, not to mention the ungodly amount of time I took procrastinating over the graphic design and getting the distribution started. This was supposed to be a summer release. Now it's a Christmas one! You can buy the album as a CD or mp3 download at the link below:

Wynne C Blue & her Troublefakers: Good to Drive

We are having the official CD release party this Sunday (12/18/11) in Redmond at Soul Food Books. We're paying for the venue, providing consumables, and performing. Those of you who attend in person won't pay a red cent to join us. A barista will be on-hand to sell you a coffee or chai if you lean that way (we don't cover those, sorry). For those of you who can't attend for some reason or won't leave the house, Soul Food Books streams all the shows live online. Ours will be one of them.

Please feel free to invite yourself to the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/334058319953758/ And I hope we get to see you there!
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I have determined that whatever is causing my sore throat is INSIDE this house. I don't know what it is or how I can pinpoint it, I just know that my throat is sore to the point where singing is difficult and I often have a dry cough. In addition to that I am also suffering from super-dry sinuses and my eyes are intermittently on fire. This overall pain and discomfort is very frustrating because I know my dad would like to hear from me and I also have a gig on Sunday afternoon to sing for. I can't have long conversations with a glass throat.

All this started to escalate after PAX, which is also when temperatures broke 80 here. Now that it's rainy and in the 60s I thought for sure it would calm down. Noop.

It's not Martha, either. I was having this problem before she came to live with us and it hasn't become worse by being near her. Is it a moisture thing? I'm worried that if I turn on my humidifier and I'm wrong it could make everything worse. I have a huge fear that my crawlspace, which I have not ventured into for a Very Long Time, is a biosphere all its own and has finally outgrown the space beneath my house to infect me with its alien micro-organisms.

Speaking of Martha, she is painfully adorable. She is also painfully codependent and follows me everywhere, chirping at me in her squeaky little meao. I am concerned I will end up with two cats anyway, which will upset me, but I don't want to traumatize an animal with endless hours of loneliness she doesn't want.

So far we haven't really established a Grady-esque rapport. The only things that really come through are LOVE ME and WATCH ME EAT. We'll get there, I'm sure.

I pulled a white corset out of the dark corners of my closet and decided I was going to fuck with it. Why not, right? I spent $40 on it for my wedding back in '02 and have worn it maybe once since. At first I considered spray painting it red and doing the WW motif, but that's way too predictable. Instead I ripped off the tacky lacy trim and am painting it a lovely royal blue. Maybe I'll add some new trim if I have something worthwhile here in the house, but for now it's drying in the garage.

My new washing machine arrived this week and will take some getting used to. Instead of standard washing machine noises this one sounds like it's heaving during the wash cycle. I honestly thought for a moment that it was going to vomit my clothes all over the interior of my laundry room. That would have been terrifying.

I've been thinking about my former in-laws a lot lately. I put away Nate & Karen's wedding party photo a long time ago, but the last family picture they sent me is still up on my wall along with photos of other family members I don't get to see very often or at all. I'm pretty sure a lot has changed since the last time we heard from each other. The more time that passes the more awkward it seems to reach out and say hello, but life goes on. I don't want to make things uncomfortable for the Blues. Despite my ex's past behavior, I still love them and want them to be peaceful and happy.

Has anyone using Netflix seen The Hard Times of RJ Berger? I finished season 1 and loved it. Season 2 isn't available for streaming, which sucks, but I'm digging it. Word to the wise: I like strange television. My recommendations are not solid.
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Two things about Martha: She likes catnip a LOT, and she is totally freaked out by Teamun.

I didn't sleep much last night because it was cold, I had a new cat in the house and didn't want anything to be destroyed while I slept, and I'm kinda still fighting allergies. The allergies aren't necessarily the cat -- I was dealing with an odd sinus reaction every time I came into the office to work on internet business. It makes me think I am an utter failure at keeping my house clean.

Martha did okay for her first night. Ken told me that she was asleep at my feet when he got up this morning. Because of my restless night I slept in a bit, but was yanked out of that by a loud crash somewhere in the house. I jumped out of bed and zipped around the house -- "kitty? kitty? are you okay? kitty? KITTY?!" -- and found nothing out of the ordinary. In the master bedroom (now referred to as the "man cave") I saw a little round cat face peeking up from behind a box with the widest Oh Shit eyes I've ever seen. We stared at each other for a minute. One minute turned into two. I did that squinty-eyes thing that is supposed to let your cat know things are, you know, cool. She and I made peace after a few minutes. We're still feeling each other out.

She is now under the bed. If I go peek in at her she will purr and rub her face on my shoes, but will not come out. That will come in time.

In the meantime I have yet another car issue. We got home from the adoption and discovered I was hemorrhaging coolant. Nothing on my dashboard clued me in on this, so it must have started very close to home. The floor of my garage is covered in cat litter now. Unless the radiator has given up the ghost it should be an inexpensive fix (knock on wood). Yeah, it's inconvenient, but I'd rather have a repair that can wait than a car payment that can't. I have a feeling that maxing out my A/C to keep Martha comfortable on the way home might have contributed to the issue (I rarely use my A/C because I think it will tax my engine. Go figure).

I woke up with another sore throat this morning. This is from opening all the windows to cool off the house before the temperatures make it an oven, and the marine layer in the morning air. I hate these morning-induced sore throats, especially on days I know we'll need to rehearse, because there's a 50% chance they'll lead to a cold or flu. No iced drinks for me today. It's all about the hot stuff. Gotta calm the pipes and flush out any cooties if I'm going to make it through the week.

By the by, our next show is at DennyFest on Sunday, September 18, held at O. O. Denny Park in Juanita. Free, all-ages, dog friendly fun. I don't know when we go on, but the event runs from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. When I have more details I'll post them online.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011 19:50
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The band took a hiatus... accidentally. We had three weeks of no rehearsal for one reason or another (illness, work, family emergency) and just got back together this week. Funny how now that we're back in sync and I'm finding the energy to book shows again everyone is going on vacation. We won't play another show until late August. By then we will have released album #2. I guess it all works out.

I guess for a while there I was starting to burn out on music. I had no time or energy for booking, people don't offer us shows out of the air (except for SeaStar, and we love them for that), and nobody else was stepping up to do it in my place. You guys might think I'm this super-cool musician lady with a record and an awesome stage show, but to the Seattle scene I'm just another squawking hack without a draw. Worth and talent are hard to prove without the crowd to support it. I needed those three weeks to regroup and figure out my head.

I realized I wasn't using my free time wisely enough. I downloaded apps to my R2, researched portable recording gadgets, re-prioritized the things that brought me peace... Most of what I needed was here all along, I just had to find enough calm to remember where I put it.

In the real world I have credit card information on Reverb Nation and SonicBids to update, features on my Yamaha keyboard I need to learn how to use, and a couple of songs to clean up arrangements for.

Here is where we are
How many years since we've grown apart
I'm on the opposite end of the world in a hundred ways
And I'm so not the same

I do miss Grady. This morning I was by the mantle where his urn sits and I thought I heard him in my head. «Hey,» he said, «I'm coming back you know. I don't know how, but I can feel it. And that thing you were worried about? It won't happen. Have the tuna ready for me, 'kay?» I'm not sure what that meant, but it is true I've been considering another animal. When I'll follow through on that I couldn't tell you.

So... I'm around. I'm making music. We're looking at playing outside the city a few times this year. My Etsy store will get updated in the next week or two. It'll be great. You just wait and see.
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We will be debuting "St. Francis" at this show and giving away free download cards. For a donation to our album fund we'll happily part with a bona-fide CD.

I don't have any other shows lined up at this time. Given the nature of booking and my own health and personal challenges we may not play again for a month or two. Please come out and see us if you can, and bring a friend. Every person who comes to the show to see us brings us that much closer to our goal of better shows with bigger audiences. We don't suck, really we don't -- we're just not Metal (you wouldn't BELIEVE how popular Metal is in this town!)

with SeaStar and Blue Star Creeper!

Barring any issues we will go on at 4:30pm and play for about 35 minutes or so. After that is Blue Star Creeper, featuring singer/songwriter Kelly Blanchard, who I've known since about 1998 or so. The event will wrap up with our good friends Fae and The Captain with their band SeaStar. All good bands, all good friends, keep your fingers crossed for great weather!
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April 17, 2011

Come early for dinner, stay late for music. We go on at 7pm.
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Okay, so it's not ready to buy -- YET. We're still putting the finishing touches on our 10-track album, due out sometime next month. But you can hear Woman Wonder over at SoundCloud.com, and if you want to help me out you can share the link/widget with your friends and spread the word. I personally think this song will edit into a great TV theme song (hint hint David E Kelley).

For comic book purists, I know my favorite heroine's origins have been rewritten a number of times. This song was inspired by WW's most common origins -- the ones I grew up with. Enjoy!

Woman Wonder by TroublefakersHQ
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I can't believe we're going to have NINE songs on the new record! Right now I'm butting heads with Ron over the level of the vocals in comparison with the rest of the tracks. He puts them at a volume where it seems like the instrument tracks are an afterthought, which doesn't sit right with me. It sounds... off somehow. I understand that the band has my name on it, but the songs still need to have balance. If the vocals are too loud I can't market the song's mood to film and television as easily. We're working on it. The head-butting isn't that severe.

Other than that the tracks sound AWESOME! How awesome? So AWESOME I have to write AWESOME in ALL CAPS! I'm particularly proud of Woman Wonder and can't wait to upload it to share with the world. With people (and bands) abandoning MySpace at a record pace, I was at a loss for where I could share it easily. YouTube was in the plan, but now I think I might go with SoundCloud.

As for shows, it looks like we're confirmed for the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle on April 17, and we'll be playing The Comet with SeaStar on May 15. Once I know more about the rest of the lineup I will post Facebook events on my band page. Mark your calendars and come on out -- the more people we have coming to shows the more shows we can do, dig?

+ + + + + +

I wasn't going to, but I ended up at the 9th Annual Emerald City Comicon this weekend. It was twice the size of the convention I attended two years ago. I was a little amazed at how much it had grown. A friend of mine who comped my pass back in '09 had graduated from booking the venue to driving celebrities to and from the airport. I got to talk to him a little bit in hopes of having him listen to Woman Wonder and tell me what he thought of it. I'm still working on getting my thumb drive back from him. Oh well.

There were lots of cosplayers there, but the masquerade sucked hard. Two jerks got up on stage in street clothes and called themselves "Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne," and what passed for Steampunk was just a bunch of Victorian outfits in brown and brass. Maybe I needed to be closer to the stage. The kids' division stole the show, though. This is what happens when comic book geeks multiply.

While I was there I spent a lot of money. My first purchase was a Blue Lantern Power Ring from the Graphitti Designs booth. A whole spectrum of Lantern Corps is still a relatively new concept to me, but I like it a lot. My ring holds the power of hope and lights up like a BAMF, yo. I probably would have bought a t-shirt from them, too, had I not spent all my time gallivanting about the exhibition hall.

I ended up buying a lot of artwork. Cody Vrosh caught my eye with his technology and fantasy inspired illustrations on wood and watercolor paper. I ended up buying prints of "The Thieving of the Music Hat" and "If we're to escape with our lives, we must put our differences aside." His booth-mate was selling original screen printed shirts, so I picked up a Gasmask Squirrel scoop-neck top from her. She doesn't have any of the style I bought online, but the design (along with the rest of her work) can be found at her Etsy shop, Binary Winter.

Because I met her at the 2009 ECCC (and made paper stars with her at her booth), I tracked down Erika Moen to see what she was up to. Last we spoke she was writing and drawing DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary. She wrapped that up in 2010 and teamed up with a writer for her new comic, Bucko.

Sharing the booth with Erika was Dylan Meconis, author and illustrator of Family Man. As she handed me a bookmark with her main character's image on it she and her assistant gave me a brief description of the graphic novel on the table. I loved the drawings but was lost by the story, so I bought her prints of two main characters as Tarot cards. They're awesome! I just need to find frames for them...

Amy Mebberson had a booth in Artists Alley and was selling original drawings from her collection for $20 a pop. By the time I screwed up the courage to buy my favorite it was already gone, and a gal with a resume like hers doesn't do commissions cheap. I will have to be content with either attempting to draw something awesome myself or enjoying her Flickr stream.

Ken bought me an adorable 5x7 Wonder Woman print by Jennifer Cox. She's got an impressive selection of prints for sale at her Etsy shop that includes non-superhero fare as well. He bought for himself a 5x7 of Thor that the artist describes in detail on her blog.

I'm running out of steam here for complete descriptions, so I'll sum up with some links to ECCC vendors and exhibitors I thought were worth telling my friends about:

Wondermark Comics: I wanted very much to buy their Engineering t-shirt, but they had run out of my size. Darn.

Gin and Comics: The handout from this booth included strips that featured a Wonder Woman Snuggie. Heh.

Giddy Girlie: Peg People!

WereGeek: Lycanthropy meets nerdiness.

True Cat Toons: TRUE comics about real kittehs, written by their hoomans, drawn by Roberta Gregory. Find them on Facebook!

Rhapsodies: "Join us in a comic strip about life, love, accounting, progressive bookstores, and the divine power of jazz!" How could I not share that?

And last but not least, Monster Commute by Steam Crow. Originating from lovely Spokane, Washington, by music veterans from the era of Grunge.
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I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Wonder Woman is returning to the small screen. All the writers in the world could not come up with a decent enough script that gave her a story worth of the silver screen, and that sucks. The only good side of that sad truth is now we don't have to worry about a shitload of drooling basement-dwellers harping about Megan Fox playing the lead. You wanna see Megan Fox do something brilliant? Jennifer's Body. That's pretty much it. She's young, she'll grow as an actor. She is NOT Wonder Woman, though.

All right, enough of that. The point of this post is Wonder Woman on television.

So far the entire thing seems like a joke. David E Kelley, the mind behind Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, is penning the new show with a comedic bend I'm not that thrilled to read about. Full Disclosure: I couldn't get excited about Ally McBeal, mainly because I hated the main character and couldn't identify with her. What if he makes my favorite heroine into someone I hate? My childhood memories would become an embarrassment and I would be devastated. Overboard? Probably. I love WW that much.

Still, it's David E Kelley. He did L.A. Law. He created Doogie Howser, M.D.. I really want it to be likable, and I really want to like it. This brings me to what is really on my mind: The theme song. I want to be a part of this so bad I don't know what to do with myself.


Katy Perry?! Noooooooooo! I already have a perfectly good Wonder Woman theme song, and it's in production RIGHT NOW! I don't have to perform this song if there's a bigger name available to do it -- Katy herself can step right up, and so can P!nk, or even Lady Gaga (who would probably write a cool one herself, who knows) -- but I want MY song to be what people have in their heads after they watch the show. I want MY song to have parodies and YouTube videos with nerds in cosplay and fake blood. Me me me!

Thing is, I have no idea where I can post this song online so the song can get out there. If nobody ever sees me, my candy-red hair, or my fat ass, I'm totally fine. But the song is mine, I wrote and arranged it, and I want it to be considered no matter who ends up singing the final track. I also want to get paid for it. Where do I put it? I'm scrambling here and too worked up to give it decent thought.

If you came to our December 21 show with Blackheart Honeymoon and Pocket Panda you heard "Woman Wonder." If you came to Oddfellows Grill last month you heard an acoustic version of it. I have been harping on recording this song for weeks and we're finally in the studio cleaning up tracks.

I need to get the track and the word out, NOW. Help is appreciated, because I'm too excited to be decently productive about it.
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This is a big week for me. I am not only going to be PERFORMING live music, but I have also marked my calendar to GO SEE live music. These two events are ones I really want you to consider attending, not only because I will be there, but because live music is a lot of fun and keeps you young and interesting. It also doesn't hurt to sit down in a dark room with a cocktail while you nod your head rhythmically to some great tunes.

Oh, and THIS IS MY LAST WEEK AS A FREE WOMAN before my new job starts on Monday. If that's not incentive, I don't know what is.

Come see me at Big Daddy's Place in Woodinville on Thursday 10/21. I'll be sharing the stage with Ethan Freckleton's band, and for some reason he gets a lot more dancing girls than I do. BRING DANCING GIRLS TO MY SHOW, DANGIT. It's our last confirmed show of the year and we'll be debuting a new song, so hire a sitter and come out to see us. Here's the FB event you can invite yourself and a bunch of friends to: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145558248815828

On Saturday 10/23 I will be going to the Shanty Tavern in Seattle to see three great bands play: SeaStar, Blue Star Creeper, and Below Blackstar. Ever since playing with SeaStar and Below Blackstar in July, they have become good friends -- hooray for musician networks! -- and Blue Star Creeper has been around long enough for us to have some awesome friendships in common. It's a good variety of sound, and the Shanty is a venue I've been wanting to play all year and need to scope out. Come check it out with me! Details are at this link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=148132445218876
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I love Hilda. She's my new favorite pinup girl!

Oh yeah, and we're having a show on the 21st. Please bring friends with you, or at least send them in our direction. No cover, good food, we go on first -- AND Donnie will be playing with us this time, so you know it will be awesome. This is our last confirmed show this year, so come on out.

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We recently ordered more copies of our EP "Short Story" in CD Baby Download Card format. The upside to download cards is that they're easy to transport, easy to use, and totally eco-friendly (no jewel cases)! The only downside we could find was that without the physical copy there were no liner notes to look over while listening to our music and learning more about the band. I think I may have found a solution.


Liner Note Cards!

Pictured here is our prototype - the download card may be attached differently in the final design.

The disc design is on the front of the note card. On the back (not shown) is the CD Baby logo in gray. Inside you'll find the download card and our liner note art and text, modified to fit the printable area.

These Liner Note Cards are available exclusively at our shows with the purchase of a CD Baby Download Card, so keep an eye on our show schedule and come on out to see us!

Wynne C Blue & her Troublefakers' next show is Sunday, September 19 at O. O. Denny Park in Kirkland, WA, 1:00 pm. Rain or shine, it's all-ages and FREE.

Be sure to catch us at Tiger Lounge a Go-Go in Georgetown on Friday, September 24 at 9pm. $5, 21+
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I've been toying with the idea of download cards for a while. I think the only thing that kept me from doing it sooner was listening to Ethan tell me that people prefer to have a physical CD in their hands when they leave a show, insinuating I'd be wasting my money if I bothered.

He's probably right. I know if I'm going to buy music at a show I'd rather have something tangible, but I also know that it's got to somehow fit into my purse (if I brought one), and then I have to make room for it in my car, and eventually I'm going to rip it to my computer anyway...

A download card is environmentally friendly, a little cheaper than a regular CD, and fits in your wallet. You can always find me for a physical copy, and we'll still sell them -- this time around, though, you have options.

This Saturday (August 28) we will be playing at the West Seattle Eagles Club Hall for a Seattle Children's Hospital Benefit show at 7pm. We are headlining, which means we'll go on last. This isn't as bad as it seems, really -- the other acts are planned for only half an hour each, and the organizer has given us the green light to play a little longer if we want to.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010 14:32
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Donnie's mother passed yesterday after a long battle with lung cancer. Service for her is Friday, August 20, in Ohio.

Thanks for all of you who sent good thoughts to Donnie and his family during this time.
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Despite the Friday the 13th show date, our show up in Duvall turned out better than expected. We had planned about 50 minutes of music but ended up playing a little over an hour due to a mid-set request from the crowd to wait for a couple more people to arrive and a technical difficulty. Okay, two technical difficulties if you count me breaking Ron's tambourine during his performance of "Psycho Killer." I guess I need to cut back on those bicep curls.

The stage was brand-new, the grounds nice and green and surrounded by trees, and when night fell it was nothing but sky. Ken and I stuck around after Ron & Baz went home -- it turned out that Ken knew one of the property owners, so he wasn't totally our of his element there. I am pretty much night-blind and spent most of my time there by the bonfire. The only low point was realizing on the way home that I had been attacked mercilessly by mosquitoes! I have concentrations of bites on my feet that are making me crazy, and no amount of goo is helping. My guess is that they loved me because I have been going crazy with the sugar lately. I remember one summer when I was a kid I stopped drinking soda and the mosquito bites never happened.

Donnie is still back East -- none of us have heard from him since he headed out there this time, which is a little worrisome. I wrote him an email on Sunday letting him know how Friday's show went. I hope he's doing alright out there. Y'all send some strength to the Ivans, there's no such thing as sending too much love and strength during a difficult time.

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Of course the heat hasn't helped. I know many of my friends in warmer climates may think it's no big deal to have the temperature hit 95, here it's very unusual. Every year I sit in my house and wonder if I should spring for the a/c upgrade, and every year I decide against it. During the entire summer we have a total of maybe ten days that get over 90, and all the rest of them can be managed with an hour or two or night air circulated through the house in the morning. I'll save my money for a new roof.

Right now I'm rather comfortable in front of my computer in shorts and a tee shirt. If I open any of the doors it will suck out all the cool air, so I'm stuck for a while. Grady is all flattened out on his favorite chair. I have a to-do list I have put off for too long and will work on that while waiting for responses to my followups and applications roll in.

That's about it.


Monday, 9 August 2010 11:52
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To whoever is in charge out there,

Please watch over Donnie and his family during this difficult time. Give them strength and let them know they are loved. Reassure them that above all, they are truly blessed. They are in your hands.

amen/so mote it be/so say we all/abracadabra,

p.s. I was never very good at this prayer stuff, so if this request isn't clear please let at least this much be: Send good to Donnie. That is all.