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I don't do a lot of public posts because most of what I write here is either private or for a very limited audience. At some point in time it became very unwise to be an open book online, and I retreated accordingly. You can still find me if you want, because I'm okay with being found, but I keep my public and personal thoughts separate on the internet.

My band released its third studio album this month. We're pretty psyched about this, because if you listen to this and then listen to the first album it's like night and day. We've learned so much as musicians, artists, and producers since 2009, and it shows. I'll admit that I wasn't as excited about this project at first because I'm so used to writing about things that boil deep under the surface and it had to grow on me a bit. I know now that I was just being a diva, and this is probably the album that gets us some well-deserved positive attention. We'll see.

If you still check back here from time to time I encourage you to click on over to the CD Baby website and listen to some sample tracks. Heck, maybe you'll even buy yourself a CD or two. We just submitted our digital distribution info and should see this album on iTunes in time for Christmas! Yay!

So... there it is. And here's a link.

Wynne C Blue and Her Troublefakers: I Know
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