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Because I know a handful of you on the crafting mailing list are also readers of this blog. Pay attention:

On Sunday I will send out the official invitation to the next Craft Night. If you do not want your email and/or name shared with the rest of the guest list you need to answer that mail TODAY. I won't send a separate invitation to you or mail you the details of when and where Craft Night is outside of that invitation.

I'm still investigating how Gmail handles contact information in calendar invites. If your email does not resolve to a name, your email will appear. If your email does resolve to a name, your name will appear. If I have you in my contact address book under a name, THAT name will appear. Heads up: I have had to add names to several people's entries in my address book so I know who the hell they are.

I'd really like to have a Craft Night this week. I'd like to make things and take pictures of things and be able to speak freely about the things that make me happy and cause me a little concern. Mostly those first two, but you get the idea.

Read the email I sent last week. If you get the invite please RSVP. If we have a quorum, it's on. If we don't, it's not.


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