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I found this great image over at the Tumblr blog Retrogasm here. I'm not going to hotlink the image, the blog is legit and won't give you cooties if you click on it. It's really quite fascinating and the silhouettes very well done, although I'm not certain of the accuracy of any of the figures after 1985. Go ahead, take a good look at it. I'll wait.


Since I found this little gem I have been inspired to use the figures in some pendant designs. Around my tenth or twelfth design I got to thinking it would be a really bad idea to sell these without the blessing of the silhouettes' original artist. I mean, these are really nice-looking and classy images. I would hate to have this project turn into the subject of litigation over something as simple as permission. I figured I'd write to the artist, pay what they asked for (within reason), and if it wasn't possible I'd have a lot of holiday gifts ready-to-go.

In my search for the original artist, all roads led back to Retrogasm. Every fashion blog that linked to it found the image either from Retrogasm or each other. When I wrote to the webmaster he was not able to give me any artist information either. It had been long enough ago that the source of the image was lost. Frustrating.

All I have to go on is the title that the original poster provided: A History of Fashion... Silhouette version. The image made big rounds in June of this year (2011). It's not a very big image, but it was enough for me to use on my project.

If you can find its origins, please by all means share your findings with me. I want to give credit where credit is due.
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