Monday, 12 September 2011

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Two things about Martha: She likes catnip a LOT, and she is totally freaked out by Teamun.

I didn't sleep much last night because it was cold, I had a new cat in the house and didn't want anything to be destroyed while I slept, and I'm kinda still fighting allergies. The allergies aren't necessarily the cat -- I was dealing with an odd sinus reaction every time I came into the office to work on internet business. It makes me think I am an utter failure at keeping my house clean.

Martha did okay for her first night. Ken told me that she was asleep at my feet when he got up this morning. Because of my restless night I slept in a bit, but was yanked out of that by a loud crash somewhere in the house. I jumped out of bed and zipped around the house -- "kitty? kitty? are you okay? kitty? KITTY?!" -- and found nothing out of the ordinary. In the master bedroom (now referred to as the "man cave") I saw a little round cat face peeking up from behind a box with the widest Oh Shit eyes I've ever seen. We stared at each other for a minute. One minute turned into two. I did that squinty-eyes thing that is supposed to let your cat know things are, you know, cool. She and I made peace after a few minutes. We're still feeling each other out.

She is now under the bed. If I go peek in at her she will purr and rub her face on my shoes, but will not come out. That will come in time.

In the meantime I have yet another car issue. We got home from the adoption and discovered I was hemorrhaging coolant. Nothing on my dashboard clued me in on this, so it must have started very close to home. The floor of my garage is covered in cat litter now. Unless the radiator has given up the ghost it should be an inexpensive fix (knock on wood). Yeah, it's inconvenient, but I'd rather have a repair that can wait than a car payment that can't. I have a feeling that maxing out my A/C to keep Martha comfortable on the way home might have contributed to the issue (I rarely use my A/C because I think it will tax my engine. Go figure).

I woke up with another sore throat this morning. This is from opening all the windows to cool off the house before the temperatures make it an oven, and the marine layer in the morning air. I hate these morning-induced sore throats, especially on days I know we'll need to rehearse, because there's a 50% chance they'll lead to a cold or flu. No iced drinks for me today. It's all about the hot stuff. Gotta calm the pipes and flush out any cooties if I'm going to make it through the week.

By the by, our next show is at DennyFest on Sunday, September 18, held at O. O. Denny Park in Juanita. Free, all-ages, dog friendly fun. I don't know when we go on, but the event runs from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. When I have more details I'll post them online.


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